The Netflix Effect

Posted January 13, 2015 by Dalena Nguyen

The dawn of Netflix has brought on a new way to watch our favourite shows, however and whenever we want, and with that, it has developed a generation of binge watchers. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

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A creepy horror where social media is the message

Tech Troubled Films for Our Surveillance Age: The Den

Posted January 10, 2015 by Megan Jones

With the 1936 film Modern Times, Charlie Chaplin introduced a witty, scathing take on the effects of mass technology, and, indeed, the type of life we forge with it has become a central preoccupation to our modern world. Film remains at the forefront of this conversation, not only for the speed and power of its […]

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How to Brag on Facebook Without Being Annoying

Posted December 28, 2014 by Recultured Team

Want to share an amazing achievement on Facebook, but afraid of seeming as if you’re showing off? Read more on how to brag in a positive light!

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Yelle: A Neon Nation

Posted December 10, 2014 by Recultured Team

Let’s get schooled… in French Electro-pop that is. Singing songs from her up and coming album ‘Complètement fou’ and accompanied by her other singles from her last album ‘Safari Disco Club’, Yelle pops by Vancouver’s very own Fortune Sound Club for a night to remember.

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Post World Cup Report

Posted August 21, 2014 by Recultured Team

A lot has happened since the end of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. As the world watched countries like Chile and Costa Rica challenged some of the worlds greatest teams and breathed life into their dormant soccer programs. Players who excelled during the world cup have gained increased recognition from top teams and […]

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