The History of Pearl Milk Tea

Posted November 9, 2011 by hsingyu808

Bubble tea, 珍珠奶茶, or pearl milk tea whatever you call it has always been one of the most popular drinks in Vancouver. Yet, have you ever wondered where it came from? Well first, I think it might be helpful if I first explained how bubble tea gets its name. The “ancestor” of bubble tea originated [...]

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The Truth About vitaminwater™

Posted December 2, 2013 by Zainah Merani

Stop choosing vitaminwater™ over a can of Coke! Turns out, vitaminwater™ isn’t doing as much for your body as you might think.

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What’s the deal with Starbucks®, anyway?

Posted April 28, 2014 by Zainah Merani

Oh, you drink Starbucks? I guess you think paying four extra dollars (minimum) on a cup of coffee with your name on it is worth it?

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What You Need To Know About Environmental Packaging

Posted July 21, 2014 by Therese Mah

Have you ever chosen to buy a product made out of “Eco-friendly” material, or something that says “Biodegradeable” or even “Compostable” in order to help the earth? I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but these products may be creating more of a problem than they are part of a solution.

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Food Review: Pronto – Flash back Italian

Posted December 7, 2014 by Theo Wong

Let’s get our Italian on this week with a trip to Pronto, a small intimate space that is serving up some fierce pasta and aperitivos that will rock you world. You’ll be saying ‘Grazie!’ to the staff by the time you leave.

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