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Life Lessons Learned From University

Posted June 12, 2013 by Elizabeth Rosalyn The

It’s graduation season! As students celebrate the end of their studies and get ready to move on to the next phase of their lives, it’s time to reflect back on the memories made and lessons learned during their university experience…

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Google Treasure Map of Vancouver

Google’s April Fools Videos – A Lesson in Branding

Posted April 2, 2013 by Aswin

One company that has used the internet as a stage to attract attention each year is the tech behemoth, Google. If you’re on this page then you probably use the internet and caught at least one of Google’s many April Fools pranks! In case you didn’t catch the good ones, here’s a list of my favourite videos…

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How To: Survive (and Succeed in) Group Projects

Posted September 7, 2012 by Anneliese Herbosa

“Okay class, I want you to form into groups now…” are quite possibly the most loathed words to come out of a professor’s mouth, next to announcing a pop quiz. Not a fan of group projects? Here are some tips to help smoothen the process.

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Is Vancouver Really Canada’s Most Congested City?

Posted July 18, 2012 by Abbas Virji

TomTom recently dubbed Vancouver as North America’s second-most congested city (after Los Angeles), and therefore Canada’s most congested city, in terms of vehicular traffic. I believe this conclusion is flawed. Read about why, and some ideas I have to reducing congestion within Metro Vancouver.

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Money & Politics

Canadian Penny Due for the Axe

Posted March 29, 2012 by Ralph King

It’s time to take that full jar of pennies sitting on your desk and take it to the bank.

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