Social and Cultural Issues

Transgender Contestant from Miss Universe Canada Disqualified

Posted March 25, 2012 by Ralph King

How do we define what’s male or female today? It is exactly this dilemma in society that disqualified 23-year old transgender Jenna Talackova from the Miss Universe Canada pageant.

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Top Ten of the World’s Most Powerful People – Forbes

Posted November 17, 2011 by Recultured Team

If you have ever wondered who controls the world we have today, Forbes recently put together a list of the 70 most powerful people in the world. Here is a shortened list of the top ten. 1. Barack Obama (President) – USA 2. Vladimir Putin (Prime Minister) – Russia 3. Hu Jintao (President) – China […]

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World News

Brothels Now Legal in Ontario

Posted March 27, 2012 by Ralph King

Ontario’s Court of Appeal has decided to allow brothels to legally operate in the Ontario on Monday. Sex trade workers in Ontario are now also allowed to hire drivers and security staff for protection.

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A Look Back At 2011

Posted December 31, 2011 by Recultured Team

There are many clever and innovative ways to measure, capture and illustrate the highlights of a single year. Here’s a retrospective account merely scratching the surface and outlining just some of the most talked about moments of 2011.

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World News

Man Behind Kony 2012 Video Detained and Hospitalized

Posted March 17, 2012 by Ralph King

Invisible Children co-founder Jason Russell was detained and hospitalized after being spotted performing “bizarre” acts in San Diego on Thursday morning.

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