Posted October 22, 2011 by Recultured Team

Have you been diagnosed with excessive usage of social media in your daily routine? If you or a loved one you know is suffering from this digital addiction, I suggest you read this and seek help immediately. My prescription: social media detox.

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PETA Hates Super Mario and Turtles Get Ignored for 26 Years?

Posted November 19, 2011 by Recultured Team

While I was reading a great article on going vegetarian, it reminded me of a big stunt that PETA pulled on the release of Super Mario 3D Land. Now, I’m not hating on the ethical treatment of animals. I think it’s a noble cause and I do support the concept 100%. It’s actually more about […]

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Social Media

4 Chrome extensions for productivity, blogging, and then some

Posted October 13, 2011 by Recultured Team

Are you as much of a Google Chrome fan as I am? Here are some neat extensions to help enhance your productivity level, blogging and communication experiences! Check out these four extensions I would recommend you getting from the Chrome Web Store.

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Facebook Fired?!

Posted November 7, 2011 by Recultured Team

How many of you have drunk photos on Facebook?  Well let’s try a safer question, how many of you know what others will see when they Google you? Many of you may be aware that employees are starting to check their job applicants on social media. Not just the Facebook, many of you may be […]

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Social Media

Sh*t ____ say

Posted March 7, 2012 by Recultured Team

To make this article sound a little bit more professional, according to Urban Dictionary the term “shit say” is defined as “a recent YouTube phenomenon where individuals don various outfits, drag, and/or other accessories in various scenarios with dialogue to make impressions of, and to poke fun at various group stereotypes”. It all started with […]

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