November 2, 2011

Foo Fighters Rocks the Rogers Arena

The Foo Fighters gave an unforgettable rock show on Oct. 25th at the Rogers Arena. It was my first Foo Fighters concert, and what can I say, they left me VOICELESS! The band really made a great effort in lighting up the rock and roll spirit from beginning to end. Putting on a two-and-a- half hours show and ending it with 6 encore songs, what more can you ask from a rock band?

The Foo Fighters is an alternative rock band formed in 1994 by Nirvana’s drummer, Dave Grohl who became the lead singer and guitarist for the band. The other members include Nate Mendel as the bassist, Pat Smear as the lead guitarist, and Taylor Hawkins as the drummer. For the tour, the band have also brought along Rami Jaffe, the keyboardist.

"The Sea of Lights"

The audience raise up their lighters as the concert light dims

With the two amazing opening bands, Mariachi el Bronx and Cage the Elephant heating up the arena, the Foo Fighters kicks off the concert with two songs from their latest album Wasting Light“Bridge Burning” and “Rope”, followed by the all time classic, “The Pretender” and “My Hero”. Throughout the show, the band brought the crowd to their feet with Grohl’s hardcore punk scream and Hawkins punching into every beat. Smear’s guitar solo during his battle with Grohl was also amazing, while Mendel and Jaffe steadies the adrenaline rushing songs throughout the show. The band also did a cover on Pink Floyd’s “In the Flesh?”. Before going into the bridge of “Monkey Wrench”, thousands of lighters were waving in the dark as the concert light slowly dimmed.


When the show had “ended”, Grohl suddenly appeared on the screen with Hawkins in the background playing the bargaining game with the audience for one more encore song. When the bargain went up to 6 songs, Grohl ascended from the mini stage soloing acoustic cover songs including “The Best of You”. The rest of the band later appeared and drew up a perfect ending with “Everlong”.

"Foo Fighters at Rogers Arena"

The Foo Fighters at Rogers Arena


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  • UGH I so regret not going to this concert!! I’ve been punishing myself by listening to their music nonstop these last few days (not really punishment because they’re so good, but it makes me regret it even more…). And I heard the show lasted for at least 3 hours! It’s just not very common for shows to go on for that long these days. Sigh. 🙁

    • yeah, they’re one of the bands who really put on a great live show! Really curious where their energy came from, cause they don’t really stop between songs. Good luck on making it to the show next year  🙂

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