May 6, 2013

Blogs about Vancouver any Vancouverite should follow

Vancouver. What are the first things that come to mind associated with that word? “Thriving creative community” probably wasn’t the first thing that came to mind, but it definitely should be. How about “delicious dining”? Vancouver is definitely more than just rain and the 2010 Olympics. Sadly, for me though, my perspective about what Vancouver is all about broadened only after the Olympics happened. During that time, I started to follow more local blogs and Twitter accounts because (a) I was a chronic contest retweeter, and (b) I wanted to know EVERYTHING that was going on during the Olympics; I have a severe case of FOMO, which is the Fear Of Missing Out. I wanted to soak up every opportunity the Olympics had to offer me, and in doing so, I’ve discovered some keepers to stash in my RSS feed. Since then, outings with friends and family are no longer monotonous, I’m in the know of upcoming events that are happening around me, I have a to-do list of (new) restaurants to eat at, and I’m even more in love with this magnificent city (rain or shine)!

This is a personal curation of a few Vancouver blogs I think any Vancouverite should be aware of and reasons why to follow them:

Inside Vancouver

Also known as “The Vancouverite’s Guide to Being a Tourist in Vancouver” (as dubbed by me). Inside Vancouver is written about the city through an “insider’s” perspective, and several local authors contribute to it daily, (similar to how Recultured is structured). Its range of topics and diversity of content make it a great blog to follow. They also have the occasional contest or giveaway that is worthwhile to retweet.

While you’re at it, check out their highly relevant, 15 Cool Things to Do in Vancouver: May Edition.

Scout Magazine
This blog is great at doing two things: (1) making my mouth water, and (2) letting me know what really cool things I should this week and the next.

Their “Gluttony” section is a fantastic resource and should be the basis of any Vancouverite’s “to-eat + drink” list. They’re all about showcasing the delicious and local. Check out their “Anticipated Openings” section and growing Scout Community page and you will never need to ask yourself where you should eat again.

Also, keep track of their bi-weekly feature “Things That You Should Absolutely Do Between Now and Next Week”. It’s a wonderful list of current events happening around the city (some free and some not) in various communities. There’s bound to be something on that list that will interest you.

Scout Magazine is definitely a great resource for other things, but these two are what makes Scout stand out from other blogs.

Vancouver Is Awesome
And it sure-flippin’-is. VIA is a hub for anything and everything Vancouver + Awesome. I could probably spend a post talking solely about VIA, but I’ll restrict myself to three of the features I enjoy the most: Vancouver on the Cheap, 500 Coffee Interviews, and Van City Kitty.

Like any penny-pinching student, their “Vancouver on the Cheap” series is a godsend. They focus mainly on budget-friendly dining and entertainment, but sometimes the occasional cheap event, shopping opportunity, and cheap idea (to try out for yourself) is highlighted. One of my favourite posts to date is the idea about hosting your own clothing swap.

Now, there are plenty of awesome Vancouverites, and VIA is one of the best in letting us know who these people are. They do plenty of entertaining celebrity interviews, but I think the best people feature is Bob Kronbauer’s 500 Coffee Interviews (used to be only 50) where he interviews and has coffee (or other beverages) with interesting Vancouverites he’s never met before as a way “to introduce [us] to some people who are doing really cool stuff in the city [we] live in.” As I write this, he’s at Coffee #59, so there are going to be some great posts to look forward to

Last, but not least, what is an Internetz without cats. Van City Kitty is a compilation of Vancouver’s awesome and adorbz cat population. Seriously, this cat is named Professor Buttercreme Squigglesworth?!?!

Professor Buttercreme Squigglesworth

Professor Buttercreme Squigglesworth

How can you not love this?! Additionally, they have a “Take Us Home Edition” that features a cat ready for a home. If I could, I would take ALL the cats home so I could finally fulfill my destiny as a bona fide cat-lady.

So that’s that. If you already knew about these blogs, high-five! If not, I hope you rummage through these great resources and discover something rad/awesome/worthwhile/delicious about Vancouver! What are some of your favourite local blogs not mentioned here? Share in the comments below!

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