December 10, 2014

Yelle: A Neon Nation

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Written by: Recultured Team
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The rain certainly did not stop the excited concert goers on the wet Saturday night. Fans waited anxiously outside Fortune as the rain poured. Wet from head to toe, music lovers slowly trickled inside as the concert began with the opening band: Lemonade. Lemonade was a good start their up-beat indie-pop really got the crowd railed up and ready for night of non-stop dancing. A colourful array of fans came, ones that have listened to Yelle from the very beginning and even those that have no idea who she was. The concert was definitely one that left an impression as everyone in the crowd danced their pants off as the barrage of French-indie-pop blasted from the stage and Yelle finally came on. The band mostly sang from their second and third albums Safari Disco Club and Complètement fou. From beginning to end there was no wavering as their energy connected with the crowd. The show was absolutly captivating; most people in the front were dancing so passionately that they forgot they had drinks in their hands.

The band came on stage as Grandmarinier (Jean-François Perrier) and Tepr (Tanguy Destable) riled up the audience, signalling and announcing Yelle (Julie  Budet) as she came on to sing their first song and the first single from their second album Safari Disco Club and then Que veux-tu. It seemed language barriers were the least of people’s worries as Yelle sang in French. Most of the people couldn’t care less about what they were dancing to other than the awesome electro pop that was ringing through their ears.

If you don’t know Yelle, you should start getting to know her. Her Genre is certainly one that has room for new listeners (there aren’t exactly a lot of French- indie-electro-pop bands around in the first place). Their music has the vibes and up-beat rhythms of Iggy Azalea with singing that matches up to Stars. The way they were building up the crowd, it was comparable to being at a Caravan Palace concert.  Having worked with Katy Perry and being signed on by Dr. Luke, her repertoire is formidable and just might be the next up and coming Daft Punk – minus the masks.  So stay tuned and be sure to keep up with this amazing singer!


Photos by Theo Wong

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