July 15, 2013

Step Over That Line! A Monsters University Lesson By Mike Wazowski


It’s no surprise that Monsters University was a fun and entertaining movie, while being very smart with lots of heart. That’s just how Pixar does things. Mike and Sulley spend the film’s duration learning how best to strike fear into the hearts of children, but a big theme is conveyed is learning to be fearless.

Mike is often seen stepping over physical lines and boundaries. (Of course, they symbolize the figurative limits he’s passing too.) The image was poignant enough to this college student to merit the writing of this post. Whether it’s his first step on campus, stepping through a door, or trespassing where he isn’t meant to be, Mike pauses and takes in the moment. We could all learn a thing or two from Mike Wazowski. Here’s how you can follow in his, well, footsteps!


Step 1. Identify the line.

Look at it. Go on, stare intently! (Smelling, hearing, feeling, and tasting are also recommended, but not mandatory.) Yes it may be cheesy but think about what the line means. Maybe, like Mike, it’s your first step into college! Or is it your first step out of it? Is it the boundary between safety and danger? Or between the familiar and the new unknown? Take a good hard look now, because its about to be behind you.


Here is young Mike standing on a line!


Step 2. Lift Foot. (Or claw, fin, tentacle, etc.)

Ready? Make the decision to lift your foot. Little effort required in the decision. It’s that easy.


Look how Art lifts his feet with such grace. Follow suit.


Step 3. Pause.

For just a moment, let that fear and those doubts sink in. In this split second while your foot is in the air, start screaming internally! Or externally. Now, leave those worries behind you on that side of the line. Go with your gut, and cross the line. You already made that decision when you first lifted your foot! While your foot is still hovering, do you notice your leg muscles burning from the laws of gravity? Good.


Freeze just like this!


Step 4. Set that foot down across the line.

Done! Welcome to the other side, where the grass is always greener. Deciding to cross that line may not always prove to be the right choice, but it will always be the smart choice. Even if it doesn’t work – even if what happens on the other side of the line isn’t what you hope for, the experience won’t be worthless.



But why?

With every step, Mike forays into the unknown. But he isn’t afraid to do it. He sees the value in every single step on his road to becoming a scarer. The journey doesn’t scare him, it’s thrilling. So take a chance, be fearless, and you just might surprise others and yourself!

What are the best lessons you’ve learned from your favourite animated films? I want to know, share them below!

All images belong to Pixar Animation Studios.

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Dulce Rosales
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