April 16, 2014

«On R Radar #4: From Chromosomes to Gatsby to All Things Gaming – 5 Must-Follow Blogs


Featured in this issue of On R Radar, are some of our writers’ best picks of blogs and blogging platforms on the interwebs. These picks come straight from the minds of college students engaged in conversations across the vast information highway. Be sure to let us know your own favourite blogs and news sites and they might just get featured here in a future issue!


Guaranteed-Interesting Articles: The Verge


Image via wikimedia.org

Caitlin Leong: “I love reading the verge! It’s a blog site that writes on a wide range of topics from reviews to designing. I always find myself reading something really astonishing when I’m on the site… like, check this out: First Functional Eukaryotic-Chromosome (how cool is that?). Anyways, if you’re ever bored in class or something check it out because you won’t be disappointed.”




For Avid-Writers: Medium

Image via blogsitestudio.com

Image via blogsitestudio.com

Dalena Nguyen: “Medium is definitely not a traditional blogging platform (or blogging medium… heh) – I think of it as a kind of grown-up Tumblr. Writers are free to publish whatever they like and these posts are sorted into curated “collections” spanning topics from personal growth to marketing to thought-provoking editorials. With diverse writers and a wide array of topics to read up on, everyone can find an interesting read on Medium!”



For Student Life, and Fashion Tips: College Fashion

Image via collegefashion.net

Image via collegefashion.net

Therese Mah: “I really like College Fashion because besides keeping me updated on what’s trendy, they mix it up with student life articles and have some fun blending literature/pop culture with fashion (for example they’ll do a post with some outfits inspired by classic novels like The Great Gatsby)”



Everything Gaming Related: DualShockers

Image via DualShockers

Image via DualShockers

Zac LaRocque-Walker: “I am a fan of DualShockers as I am primarily a PlayStation gamer, having a PS4 and Vita as my main systems right now. However, I also have a WiiU, 3DS and 360 so I like other news as well. DualShockers is mainly a PlayStation site but will also post other key news pieces related to other systems. The articles and reviews are well-written and fairly entertaining. I like it.”



The Vancouver Staple: VancityBuzz

Image via VancityBuzz

Image via VancityBuzz

MFoodie: “I enjoy reading vancity buzz because it provides updates/posts on our community in Vancouver. This is where I usually get my updates on major events and good eats in vancouver. Their brief content, use of attractive headlines and photos in their posts makes it fun to read.”



Featured image via Flickr by Steve Bridger

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