December 16, 2013

What Now? Hiatus Survival Tips Post-“Once Upon A Time” Winter Finale

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If you’re a fan of ABC’s Once Upon A Time, you have probably seen the gut-wrenching mid-season finale and 11th episode of Season 3, titled “Going Home”. If you have yet to view the episode, be warned, spoilers ahead!

Unlike the first two seasons of Once Upon A Time, this third season is airing a little differently. To create a more continuous method of storytelling by avoiding the frequent 2-3 week hiatuses that typically happen in a season, Once Upon A Time has simply split up this season into two parts. The good thing is that we got to watch the first 11 episodes week after week (with only a break for the American Music Awards), and we’ll get to see the back 11 episodes in a similar fashion. The bad thing is, our favourite fairytale characters won’t grace our TV screens again until March 9th. That is a while. Here are a few things to do to help you get through the hiatus.


Start a new show

It is going to be a relatively long hiatus and you will need something to satiate your appetite. Here is where Netflix comes in. Lost is a great choice to see many Once Upon a Time actors and actresses in different roles. You will also come to finally understand the easter eggs planted by showrunners Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz.

Image belongs to ABC Networks.

Before this was an important number in OUAT, it was an important one in LOST. Image belongs to ABC Networks.

I also suggest Doctor Who and/or Sherlock. These are two shows whose hiatuses are so long, they are as legendary as fairytales themselves. Whovians and Sherlockians can empathize with you, as they are well-versed in the art of waiting during a hiatus.


Make Art

Write that fan fiction, make fan art, gif all the things. Harness those creative juices and make artistic creations! Some of the best artworks find root in heightened emotions, and we all just received a huge dose of those. Don’t forget to share creations with fellow Oncers on your favourite social networks.

Arts and Crafts with Snow White! Image belongs to ABC Networks.

Arts and Crafts with Snow White! Image belongs to ABC Networks.


Watch. Cry. Rinse. Repeat.

Watch the episode again! Tear up during the moments you wept over in your first viewing. Enjoy the well-done moments, and critique any plot holes. Write your own review! Keep an eye out for the moments you might have missed: For example, Henry’s story book was shielded from the magical smoke, and Emma still wears Sheriff Graham’s shoelace on her wrist despite losing the memory of who he was.

Nobody in the show gets the happy ending they dreamed of and that’s something worth getting worked up about. Thanks to Regina, Emma and Henry forget everything while still being perfectly content. This episode was a major example of the recurring theme of selflessness and self-sacrifice for the sake of giving others their “best chance”. What we end up with is what Whovians might call a Donna Noble-style ending.

Image belongs to ABC Network.

Bring on the tears. Image belongs to ABC Networks.


Speculate. Speculate. Speculate.

What happens next!? In the promo for the first episode back, we see that not only is everyone transported back to the Enchanted Forest, but they’re also back to their state pre-curse. There is a lot to speculate on:

  • If Storybrooke never existed, do those who died in Storybrooke stay dead (a.k.a. Mr. 50 Shades of Sheriff Graham)?
  • Where is Rumpelstiltskin (Face it, Robert Carlyle is way too talented to let go from the cast)?
  • How will they hide or use Ginnifer Goodwin’s real growing baby bump?
  • Between The Wizard of Oz, Wicked, and now Rebecca Mader’s upcoming rendition, how will you ever compartmentalize 3 versions of the Wicked Witch of the West story?
  • And for local fans, does this episode mean they won’t be filming in Steveston for a very long time to come?!


Let me know your theories about the rest of the season! Post them in the comments below or on Recultured’s twitter or facebook. In March, you will see how many you predicted correctly!


Featured Image belongs to ABC Networks.

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