March 17, 2014

How I Met Your Mother’s Greatest Hits: The Best Moments of Season 5 and 6


For three weeks now, I have been compiling lists of my favorite episodes from each season of How I Met Your Mother as a countdown the series finale. Ahead of tonight’s new episode, here are the top moments of Season 5 and 6, which proved to be just the right blend of comedy and drama. Don’t forget to read my posts on season 1 and 2, and 3 and 4. It’s How I Met Your Mother’s Greatest Hits Part 3!

Season 5

1. “She’s awe-some-more. She’s even awe-quite-a-lot.” 

Swarkles decides to give their relationship a go after Lily pushes them to realize their feelings. The two start dating and even double date (www.itwasthebestnightever.com) with Lily and Marshall.


A few episodes later, they realize that they aren’t as happy together as they want to be. Barney has developed a “relationship gut” and Robin finds Barney annoying while also looking dishevelled. Even though Lily, Marshall, and Ted try to break up Robin and Barney with a complicated ploy that involves Alan Thicke, an ex-fling of Barney, and a robot/stormtrooper, Robin and Barney mutually decide to call it quits on their own.


2. “Suits” – 100 episodes!


In their 100th episode, we learn a bevy of new facts about the Mother. This season, Ted became an architecture professor and ended up trying to teach ARCH 101 to ECON 305 students on his first day. In the 100th episode, Ted goes on a date with Cindy, a girl who was in that ECON class, and whose roommate turns out to be the Mother. The episode also features the biggest musical sequence of the show’s run, and one whose lyrics are forever etched into my mind.


3. “No-can-do’s-ville, baby doll.” – The Wedding Bride

Image via filmtvgifs.tumblr.com/

Image via filmtvgifs.tumblr.com/

Tony, the man Stella left Ted for, penned the script for a movie that gets wildly popular, The Wedding Bride. The surprise is that this movie is all about Ted’s story with Stella, and Tony definitely took a little creative license. You can see the trailer on the “official” website here: www.weddingbridemovie.com


4. “Why is Ellen Degeneres in our bedroom?”


Ted goes blonde! Just like his red cowboy boots, Ted claims that he can pull off blonde hair and so he sets out to prove it by getting his hair did at a salon. Ted doesn’t quite pull it off, much to the amusement of the rest of his friends. Ted hilariously becomes the butt of a good majority of the jokes in the episode.


5. Doppelgängers


This season, we meet the look-alikes of the gangs: Moustache Marshall, Lesbian Robin, Stripper Lily, and Mexican-wrestler Ted. Lily and Marshall decide to start trying to have a baby as soon as they meet Barney’s doppelgänger. By the end of the season, Lily sees a hot dog vendor who she believes to be the last doppelgänger. Even though he looks nothing like Barney, it showed that Lily was ready to try having a baby.


Season 6

6. “Why couldn’t you have been that for me!”


Barney’s brother James meets his Father, Sam Gibbs. Barney desperately tries to adopt his brother’s Dad as his father too, but makes his own strides in meeting his real father. Barney finally meets his father as his father instead of as his uncle, which leads to an outburst of Barney’s built-up emotions around wishing he could have had a “normal” suburban life with a suburban mom and dad. In the end, they are able to patch things up and bond.


7. “You’re not a real New Yorker until you’ve…”


Robin wants to prove that she’s a real New Yorker, but the gang points out all the things she hasn’t done yet to become a real New Yorker. This eventually culminates in an all-out race to see Woody Allen in a restaurant downtown, with everyone taking different routes, and Maury Povich sightings along the way. This wild goose chase of an episode definitely goes down as one of my favourites in the whole series.


8. Zoey and The Captain


Ted meets the stubbornly-driven Zoey in front of the old Arcadian, the building to be torn down to make way for Ted’s GNB building, and the same project Zoey is protesting. Too bad for Ted, Zoey is married to The Captain, who has a menacing set of eyes and is obsessed with the open sea.


Image via tumblr

Ted tries to play down his feelings for Zoey, but when he finds out that Zoey and The Captain are getting divorced, they quickly become a couple. Unfortunately, or fortunately (amongst many fans she isn’t the most beloved of Ted’s love interests), their opposing positions on the battle for The Arcadian results in a bitter end to their relationship.


9. “I’m not ready for this”

ResizedImage600285-vlcsnap-203844 (1)

The episode “Bad News” is fun, what with Barney’s actual doppelganger appearing and Robin getting embarassed at her new job, but something ominous looms over the whole episode in the form of a countdown from 50 to 0.

When the countdown reaches 0, Lily steps out of a taxi in front of MacLaren’s and has to break awful news to a happy Marshall who has just found out there’s nothing wrong with his baby-making organs. Marshall’s dad has died after suffering a heart attack. What really sells this moment is again Alyson Hannigan’s acting and Jason Segel’s improvisation of his last line.


10. “Challenge Accepted”

A number of important life events happen in this season. Firstly, let’s talk about the important wedding that bookends this season. The season starts with Ted at a wedding, nervously picking at a beer bottle label. At the end of the season, Ted goes to check on the groom of this wedding who is none other than the commitment-averse Barney Stinson.


This season also sees Marshall take steps away from being a corporate lawyer and closer to living his dream of being an environmental lawyer. In the finale, flash forwards show the moment that Lily and Marshall find out that Lily is pregnant!


Next Week: Season 7 and 8

Again, I had to omit many other memorable moments such as Robin Sparkles 3 y’all, Blitzgiving, the return of the Cockamouse, and Ted’s purchase of his dream home, because there wasn’t enough room! Let me know what you think I sorely missed!

The next episode of Season 9, “Gary Blauman” airs tonight on CBS.

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