October 18, 2013

Top 5 YouTube Videos of September

September 2013 proved to be quite the month for YouTube, with various individuals and groups supplying countless videos that made you laugh, cry, or swoon- sometimes all at once. It was a difficult task, but I have managed to narrow these videos down to my favourite five.

#5 Louis C.K. Hates Cell Phones

Can Louis C.K. just leave the show he writes, directs, and stars in to write, direct, and star in texting and driving PSAs? And then do a parody of Bruce Springsteen? Trust me, you’ll get it when you watch this hilarious, and dare I say thought-provoking, clip of comedian Louis C.K. philosophically ranting about the dangers that cell phones have on the younger generations. Maybe you’ll agree with him, maybe you won’t, but you cannot deny that Louis’ impromptu rendition of Bruce Springsteen’s “Jungleland” whacks Conan’s out of the park.


#4 Golden Retriever Puppies Play With Ice Cubes And Get Ice Stuck All Over Themselves

I knew I had to include an animal video in this list, and who can possibly resist a litter of golden retriever puppies having some fun with a platter of ice cubes? The title really speaks for itself in this video, but I’m sure your heart will melt into a puddle of goo from this cuteness overload. I’m a sucker for the puppy who falls asleep on some of the ice cubes.


#3 “#Hashtag” with Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake

This video is #lolololol #funny #ohsofunny #thisisweird #juststop- I apologize if those hashtags sound more like a jumbled mess rather than an attempt at mimicking the genius of this Late Night with Jimmy Fallon skit. But seriously, Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon just need to get their own show- anyone see their “History of Rap” videos? Camp Winnipesaukee? This skit is social media mockery at its best, giving us a glimpse into what the world would sound like if we all talked in hashtags. Let’s face it, we all know just how ridiculous we would sound, but who can resist another glimpse into the Justin and Jimmy bromance? I know I can’t, and this video just leaves me wanting more.


#2 Lip Sync Battle with Joseph Gordon Levitt, Stephen Merchant and Jimmy Fallon

Yes, I know-another Late Night with Jimmy Fallon video. However this time, it’s an epic three-way lip sync battle between Jimmy Fallon, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Stephen Merchant. It is so difficult to pinpoint what my favourite part in this video is. Is it Joseph doing his beautiful microphone slide? Is it Stephen’s gangly take on Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” dance? Sorry Jimmy, but I’ve practically forgotten you in this battle-although I will include you in the credit I have also given Joseph and Stephen for being better at lip-synching than Britney Spears and Milli Vanilli combined.


#1 Spencer’s Home Depot Marriage Proposal

If you are reading this Harry Styles, this is how I want you to propose to me. Okay, besides the fact that I just confessed to being a university-age Directioner, I think it is safe to say that this is the one of the most romantic gestures I have seen in a long time. I have never met these men, but just by watching this five minute and forty-one second video, I can truly see just how much love is shared between the two of them. Forget The Princess Bride, this is true love at its best, and I guarantee that happy tears will be shed when watching this!

While this post sums up my favourite videos, I welcome other opinions! What are your Top 5 YouTube videos of September?



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