July 18, 2014

Why a Music Festival Should be on Your Summer Bucket List

Squamish vs. Pemberton has been the great debate amongst Vancouverites over these past few months. Pemberton controversially realized their lineup much later than anticipated, but when it was finally released it got people talking. Social media sites blew up saying that Pemberton knocked it out of the park while the Squamish lineup dulled in comparison. Personally, I believe that the two festivals have very different styles of music this year so it is difficult to compare. Regardless of what your personal preference is, if you are debating attending a music festival in general I say go for it and here are a few reasons why:


1.) The Food Trucks: I don’t know where these food trucks are hiding the rest of the year but they are not your average hot dog stand! Where else do you see a food truck that serves oven-baked pizza’s, pulled pork sandwiches or Belgium waffles?! Be sure to budget for this because the granola bars you packed are no longer going to seem appetizing.


2.) The People: Everyone is so happy to be enjoying such great music that they are just extremely nice to everyone else. You are all sharing the same experience making you like a family in a way. (Partial intoxication my also leads to the extreme friendliness).


3.) The Atmosphere: You are surrounded by beautiful scenery, happy people and great music, the atmosphere is obviously amazing!


4.) Location: Music festivals usually take place in stunning locations where there is ample space in nature. While at one of these festivals don’t be afraid to leave the park grounds and explore! Especially in BC there are many trails and lakes nearby.


5.) The Music: Duh! Where else can you see so many of your favourite artists at one time? Not only that, music festivals are a great way to find new music that you will surely play on repeat once you get home.


6.) The Memories: Although music festivals seem to come and go so fast, the memories you make will last a lifetime. A combination of all of these reasons listed make festivals a memorable experience that will  last a lifetime.


These are just a few of the many reasons why a music festival is worth your while! If you are convinced check out Zac LaRocque-Walkers review of the Pemberton lineup here and his Squamish review here. But be warned if you do end up going to a music festival this summer, I guarantee it won’t be your last! Although your bank account may not be too happy with me, I promise you will have no regrets!



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  • Zac LaRocque-Walker

    Thanks for the shoutout Victoria. A little sad I missed PembyFest as it looked crazy good, but excited for next weekend at Squamish. At first I thought Pemby was more legit but as I looked at my picks for Squamish I’m equally as excited for my weekend at Squamish (Phantogram, what up?) and think it’ll be a great time!

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