October 26, 2011

Chuck Versus the Preview

This week, the much-adored spy-action-drama-comedy Chuck will kick off its fifth and final season. Although it is bittersweet knowing that each episode will only take us one step closer to the ultimate end, I am nothing if not teeming with excitement for this year of Chuck. It looks like it is going to be (Captain) awesome!

When we last saw the gang, a lot of things were changing. Team Bartowski got canned from the CIA. The Intersect was stripped from Chuck’s head. A conspiracy bombshell was dropped. Chuck and Sarah finally got married. The newlyweds received almost a billion dollars in assets from Volkoff Industries. The team started their very own freelance espionage operation. Oh, and Morgan is now the Intersect! Oh yes!

Carmichael Industries

In the premiere episode, “Chuck Versus the Zoom,” Carmichael Industries is just getting off the ground and still “working out a few kinks.” The team embarks on their first mission: taking down a savvy thief (Mark Hamil) and a Ponzi schemer (Craig Kilborn), and reclaim $20 million for their client. And, of course, things don’t go quite as planned…

Check out the official promo:

Already, it seems as though Season 5 is going to be a strong one. It will take Chuck back to its roots. We will get to see the usual butt-kicking action that we have loved all these years. Our moments of endless, bellyaching laughter will still be had, especially with more screen time for the Buy More crew and the great Bearded One. (I mean, Intersected or not, Morgan is still overzealous, silly, awesome Morgan.) But, more importantly, without the CIA backing his play and the Intersect in his brain, we’ll get to see Chuck in the underdog role again, fighting his was through sticky situations relying only on his smarts and his team – something that I’ve kind of been missing since he became all super-spy. And, on top of all that, if you take into consideration the guest stars they already have lined up – including the likes of Mark Hamil, Rebecca Romijn, Stan Lee, Tim DeKay and Danny Pudi – this is going to be the best season ever!

You can catch Chuck on Friday nights at 8pm on NBC.

(Image from NBC via Chuck TV)

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  • Jon

    YES! I can’t wait for season 5 to come out! Morgan is such a boss haha

  • embarrassed to admit this, but I saw Chuck Season 1 Episode 1 and didn’t watch again because it was scary LOL

    • Jon

      Dude that’s ridiculous!!!! the show is so good!!

    • The show is really good. You should give it another try! =D

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