June 27, 2012

Concert Review: Mini Music Festival at Deer Lake Park (Part 1)

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Written by: Recultured Team
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A summer isn’t a phenomenal one without at least one outdoor concert in my opinion. If you haven’t gone to one yet, imagine: sun-bathing + live music + picnic * [food + booze] = one wonderful day. Considering the state of our summer weather here in Vancouver, however, I can see why many would decline that opportunity. Gratefully, yesterday’s clouds withheld their rain just for us concert-goers for last night’s Foster The People all-ages show at Deer Lake Park.

Question you may be thinking at this point: isn’t this post supposed to be about a “Mini Music Festival”?

As a bonafide music-junkie, considering that the supporting acts were Kimbra and Mayer Hawthorne & The County, it felt like I was at a 3-for-1 deal music buffet. So as crazy-magnificent Foster The People were, I will tone down the magnificence by focusing this post for these two crazy-talented “underdogs”.

First up was New Zealand pop songstress, Kimbra. If you know Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know, then you know Kimbra, as she provided the female vocals for it. Stylin’ a colourful outfit, her music matched that energy as she played several songs from her debut album, Vows, starting with one of her more jazzy hits, Call Me. The beauty of her performance was that no song was an imitation of her studio album versions. She played with the tempos, and thrilled the audience with her powerful and dynamic vocal riffs. One spectacular example is her performance of Settle Down. I’ve watched a ton of videos of Kimbra performing live, and one thing she does amazingly is looping, which is when she-oh my goodness just watch below:


If you listen closely to her studio version, you can hear hints of looping within the music, but it’s definitely a treat to listen to her do it live. Her set came to a close, ending it off with Come Into My Head. Although, in my opinion, one song is enough to make anyone love Kimbra, the six she performed were definitely not enough (and good news for anyone that agrees, she’ll be playing her own 19+ show at the Commodore Ballroom on September 25th)!

Next on the buffet was Michigan-grown, smooth “retro soul” singer and food vlogger, Mayer Hawthorne & The County. If I told you to close your eyes while playing one of his songs, it would definitely feel as if you were taking a trip down your parents’ memory lane (if they listened to Motown, that is), except with funkier lyrics. This was his first time joining Foster The People on this leg of their tour, but not his first time in Vancouver.

If people weren’t already up from dancing to Kimbra’s set, they definitely were grooving now to Mayer’s catchy, toe-tapping rhythms and funky melodies. He played a hearty mix of songs from his albums, A Strange Arrangement and How Do You Do, and even spiced it up with (appropriately) mashing up his song, Dreaming, with a cover of Hall & Oates’, You Make My Dreams. What impressed me most about his entire performance was his charm in interacting with and engaging the audience. At one point he taught us how to do the “Errol Flynn” and made the thousand or so of us “make it rain” for both his song, I Wish It Would Rain and for this picture that he tweeted:

(I'm somewhere on the bottom-left of this picture)

Overall, it was fun and good times watching and listening to both of these musicians perform, and I cannot wait for their encores. Stay tuned for Part 2 of the concert review about the main act: Foster The People, written by Yvonne!

Favourite Moments: Kimbra’s Settle Down, Mayer Hawthorne’s banter and cover of Hall & Oates’ You Make My Dreams

Moshpit Status: Huge venue and diverse musical line-up allowed for a mix of standing-uppers (the more energetic ones) and picnickers (those who want to chill out) during both the sets, dance/groove factor: 4/5

Kimbra’s Setlist:
Call Me
Good Intent
Two Way Street
Cameo Lover
Settle Down
Come Into My Head

Mayer Hawthorne’s Unofficial Setlist:
(Important Note: Forgive me please, but I was too busy dancing to note the actual order, but these are the songs he performed more or less. Credit to my concert buddies Francis and Mark for helping me remember!)
Finally Falling
You Called Me
Your Easy Lovin’ Ain’t Pleasin’ Nothin’
You Make My Dreams
A Long Time
One Track Mind
Stick Around
I Wish It Would Rain
The Walk
No Strings
The Ills

Photos courtesy of SallyTheSpoon.

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