June 27, 2012

Concert Review: Mini Music Festival at Deer Lake Park (Part 2)

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Written by: Recultured Team
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Outdoor concerts, for me personally, have always been a delight to attend during the summer months; what could be better than lounging on a blanket in the sun with your friends, mini donuts in one hand and a beer in the other, while listening to some great live music? This past Monday was one of those days, Foster the People played at Deer Lake Park amidst a summer music festival vibe and together with Mayer Hawthorne and Kimbra, put on a great show for their fans. For Part 1 of this Concert Review that highlights the two opening acts, you can find it here courtesy of Gracelle! They performed to a sold out crowd and evidently, their music appeals to a wide variety of people. It was the most diverse crowd I had ever seen at a concert, there were fans that could barely walk holding onto their mom’s hand for dear life as they attempted to dance to the music, to older couples who were simply there for some good tunes after a long day at work.

Foster the People was formed in 2009 by lead vocalist Mark Foster in Los Angeles, California after he struggled for years as a solo performer. Their debut album Torches was released in 2011 and scrambled up the charts faster than you could say Pumped Up Kicks. Since then, they have been on tour for the past 14 months, and have played over 260 shows around the world.

Lead singer Mark Foster was a handful of talent, alternating instruments with each song and going from playing the guitar to rocking out on the drums to dancing up a storm in his spiffy white suit with a tambourine- the guy could do it all! Most of their songs such as Call It What You Want, and their hit single Helena Beat were undeniably catchy and got the crowd up and moving, while simultaneously nodding their heads to the music. (Because really, if you have ever tried to actually sing along to one of their songs, you would know the lyrics are quite hard to distinguish.) Every once in awhile, they would throw in a lesser known song, but given the limited number of tracks they had to work with, their set list was well balanced and kept the crowd entertained. My favourite part of the show would have to be their last song, which appropriately for an encore, was their huge international hit – Pumped Up Kicks; they played an extended version that mixed in some house and dubstep, creating an almost rave-like ambiance as the sun was setting to close out the evening.

To think that this band was formed a mere 3 years ago and has only released one album to date, is really something to marvel at considering how well they perform together. I’m sure fans around the world would agree with me when I say that I cannot wait until this band puts out new music, and continue to make people dance and rock out to their infectiously catchy tunes.

Set List:
Miss You
Life on the Nickel
Helena Beat
Broken Jaw
I Would Do Anything For You
Call It What You Want
Don’t Stop (Color on the Walls)
Pumped Up Kicks

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