October 28, 2011

Coldplay Goes Wild in Music Video for “Paradise”

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Written by: Recultured Team
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Whether you’re a die-hard Coldplay fanatic or simply a casual music listener, by now you’ve probably heard Coldplay’s latest single, “Paradise”. And if I may, more likely than not its been stuck in your head on more than one occasion. With its immersive instrumentals, swelling drumbeats and a cascading chorus, its no secret why “Paradise” has this effect on listeners.

Off their newly released album Mylo Xyloto, “Paradise” boasts a cosmic fusion of vibrant strings, fanciful piano lines, enchanting lyrics and fantastic bass. The track also lends itself to Coldplay’s fresh new sound which is arguably more adventurous and colourful than their previous work.

“Paradise” tells of a girl who, dazed by frustration and disappointed, attempts to hide away and escape the harsh realities of the world by dreaming of a better life. “When she was just a girl / She expected the world / But it flew away from her reach / So she ran away in her sleep / And dreamed of para-para-paradise.” Once again Coldplay has written a song that all of us can relate to and get behind.

So how did Coldplay go about portraying this message in its music video? Easy. Through plushy elephants and a unicycle. As silly as it sounds, leave it to Coldplay for making something so absurd also something deeply profound. Like the elephant in the video, we all at some point feel caged against our will and we long for the chance to escape. Nicely done Coldplay!

Don't you just want this poor fellow to be happy?

The video opens with picturesque scenes of the sun-soaked African plains accompanied by silhouetted herds of wildebeests. It then cuts to the elephant in question (played masterfully by Chris Martin) behind bars at a London zoo, longing to reunite with his friends. He then makes a break for it, hops on a bicycle and heads for the airport. Stowing away in a suitcase, he hitches a ride to his intended destination, South Africa. After an impromptu busking session, he purchases a unicycle and pedals out into the outskirts of the city. Wandering the African bush, he finally reunites his buddies and they gleefully partake in a spontaneous jam session.

In true Coldplay fashion, the band delivers a charming and ingenious performance that is nothing short of epic. I mean what is better than seeing Chris Martin, dressed in a plushly elephant costume, riding a unicycle down a highway in South Africa? I dare you to think of something more awesome than that.

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