November 30, 2011

Sometimes Bad Guys Make the Best Good Guys

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The highly anticipated mid-season premiere of TNT’s hit show Leverage recently aired. Well, highly anticipated by me at least. Sharing my excitement with anyone and everyone that would listen, I have come to notice that not a lot of people know what I’m raving on about. Leverage’s popularity, at least up here in the Great White North, is severely stunted primarily because of a lack of accessibility (dang Canadian networks!). Despite having to work to find episodes, Leverage is definitely a show worthy of your effort and attention!


Take a look at one of the original promos:

The show is a kind of a modern take on the classic tale Robin Hood. It follows the escapades of a former insurance investigator turned thief, Nathan “Nate” Ford. After being screwed by the company to which he had dedicated years of service, Nate is determined to take down the rich and powerful people who, by legal means, exploit everyday, average citizens. He is joined by a team of criminals, who are the best of the best.

The Leverage Team (from L to R): Nathan Ford, Sophie Devereaux, Parker, Eliot Spencer, and Alec Hardison

Sophie Devereaux, the brilliant grifter and seductress capable of convincingly portraying any character; Eliot Spencer, the retrieval specialist and overall beast able to take anyone down with his unparalleled hand-to-hand combat skills and a sharp mind; Alec Hardison, the virtuoso hacker and tech wizard capable of getting into anything technology-related; and Parker, the thief capable of circumventing any and all security systems then disappearing in the blink of an eye. Working together, this team is unstoppable.


There are many things to love about a show like this. It is fast-paced, engaging, and makes you yearn for more. It’s kind of like the love child between Ocean’s Eleven, Hustle and the A-team. One of the strongest aspects of Leverage has to be its cast. Christian Kane (Angel), Gina Bellman (Coupling), Aldis Hodge (Friday Night Lights), Beth Riesgraf (My Name Is Earl) and Timothy Hutton (Ordinary People) are all-stars. Their convincing and dead-on portrayals allow you truly fall in love with the characters and makes you want to root for them the entire time. They have amazing chemistry which lets you believe that they have really developed that family dynamic both on- and off-screen. Another one of the strongest aspects of the show is the writing. Chris Downey, John Rogers and the rest of the Leverage writing team have a knack for keeping audiences on their toes (or ROFL-ing). With a concept like Leverage, it is easy for the show to become stale and predictable which attests to the writers’ creativity and vision. Plus, you have to love writers who sneak in Doctor Who references!

Overall, Leverage is just awesome. It is the perfect blend of action, suspense, comedy and tragedy. Although it is already four seasons in, I definitely think it is worth watching!

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