March 31, 2014

Confessions of a “Law & Order: SVU” Junkie

First off, I am not ashamed to be a Law & Order: SVU junkie. Okay, there are a couple downfalls, like hearing this intro in my dreams:

As well as getting this theme song stuck in my head for hours on end:

Yes, maybe there are more productive things that I could be doing during the day, (oh yeah, I’m supposed to hand in that essay in two days…) but who can resist a little Benson and Stabler reminiscing, along with a game of “Guess the Headline”? You can’t really do either of those things without watching an episode of Law & Order: SVU, so why not delay your essay writing for another hour or two and have a little marathon? See, even Taylor Swift does it!


This is a show that will hook you in right from the get-go, making you form unhealthy emotional attachments to the characters to the point where hysterics may become possible if their fate is later questioned. Elliot Stabler is leaving?! Olivia Benson may not live?!


Let’s face it, who could possibly say goodbye to this face? But alas, you still had to grab those tissues, not wanting to see a Benson without a Stabler.


However, Olivia seems to be doing just fine- so if she’s happy, you’re happy.


Plus, it isn’t like Nick Amaro is that horrible to look at, so he can easily serve as replacement eye candy.


Let’s also not forget about those guest stars, since SVU has long served as a before-they-were-famous platform for many now A-lister celebrities out there. From Bradley Cooper, to Rooney Mara, to Ty Burrell, the list goes on. Rewind back those episodes, and you get to see them in their humble beginnings, along with their not-so-flattering hairstyles (cough cough Bradley Cooper). And what about those characters they played? Hello, Rooney Mara- before she portrayed tattooed computer hacker Lisbeth Salander, Mara’s first legit acting gig was playing a victim on SVU in an episode entitled “Fat”. However, this ‘victim’ status didn’t last long, as it turned out that in her spare time, this girl liked to beat up obese people. Fast-forward to five years or so later, and Mara’s nominated for an Academy Award. Huh.


Oh, those ADAs (aka Assistant District Attorneys). Alex Cabot was the first to fill these shoes, then there was Casey Novak for awhile, and then there was no one. Well, not really, but a sock puppet could have done a better job than all those other random ADAs who tried to play the role. But then there came Barba. Rafael Barba, to be precise, a man who restored faith in the SVU universe for being an ADA who is finally here to stay (?). And boy, is he making sure you will never forget him.


Those vests! Those suspenders! Those ties (which sometimes match your socks)! From your sassy, cut-the-crap attitude, to how yousometimestalksofastIcanbarelyunderstandyou- I don’t care what anyone says, to me, you are the show’s ADA. So please, Barba, don’t ever pull a Cabot and wind up in the Witness Protection Program, or get your law license suspended like Novak did. Sure, these two women did return to the show for a short while at different times, but it was not the same. I cannot handle that happening to you, so please try and make sure that your sass does nothing but only earn you a “Not Guilty” verdict at times. Oh, and don’t ever try and work that five o’clock shadow look again- I prefer you clean-shaven.



Okay, I think I’ve finished owning my spot in the SVU superfan club- and if you ever feel like poking fun at my unofficial membership, then I have only this look to give you:


However, I really want to end on a good note, so I will instead leave you with this Captain Cragen monkey-loving image.



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