December 19, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises New Trailer Released

We originally got a taste of the Dark Knight Rises about half a year ago when Hollywood released a quick minute-and-a-half teaser trailer. Less than a week ago, an early screening of the movie’s first 6 minutes was leaked to the internet (Google is your best friend to find those clips). Now, a new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises has just been released and boy does it show a lot more. This marks the first appearance of Catwoman and what appears to be the Batglider or Batcopter? We see more of Bane, Alfred, Gordon and the typical Batman cast. We’re also treated to the familiar Dark Knight theme music at the end. This trailer was more of a teaser than an official trailer. We’ll probably see more closer to its release in 2012. Definitely a must watch for any fan of the movies.

Check it out below or in exclusive HD on Apple TV.

Like any Christopher Nolan trailer, there is a lot of underground “thwomps” and “bwomps.” Most of the trailer is built up by the Inception-esque music. As the trailer plays we are introduced to a 12-year old kid singing “The Star Spangle Banner” at a football game. Perhaps it was a little pretentious but this is the first time “quiet acapella music” has been played in a Nolan-directed trailer. We then see the football stadium blown up. Seems like a familiar but not-as-effective departure from Joker in the previous film where he blew up a hospital. I didn’t particularly think “The Star Spangle Banner” was effective and I hope he won’t make a long appearance in the movie.

The majority of this trailer is comprised of several key characters talking back and forth. Gordon (who is mayor now?) and townspeople talk about temporary peace and how the world will revert to war and chaos. Another character who was given quite a few lines is Selina Kyle (Catwoman). This was the first screen time we got of Catwoman portrayed by Anne Hathaway (who looks stunning in this movie). Throughout the trailer she gives the vibe of “the mysterious woman who I shouldn’t trust but I will trust.” Sadly, no shots of her in the Catwoman costume. She just teases Bruce Wayne outside of their superhero-disguises.

And that’s another thing about this trailer. It’s 90% Bruce Wayne and 10% Batman. I hope that this doesn’t stick throughout the actual film. I’m paying to see Batman after all.

Last but not least, we come to Bane. Bane is the villain of this movie and he looks quite ridiculous from his actual comic book look. I don’t know if I’ll be able to take him seriously. He doesn’t seem as convincing or as crazy as the Joker. But hey, in The Dark Knight, DC put their best mascots on the stage.

But what do you think? Does this trailer make you more psyched for The Dark Knight Rises? To this trailer and Christopher Nolan, I say the following:

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  • It’s EPIC!

  • I love how Christopher Nolan always reuses the same actors for his films.

    • Me too! Steve McQueen does the same by having cast Michael Fassbender for the lead in every movie he’s done so far! Hunger, Shame, Twelve Years a Slave… and probably more in the future.

    • Jon

      He’s like Tim Burton but better!

  • Djromanj

    I’m going to see this movie regardless of the trailer. The movie has developed a following that have fans wanting to see the movie even if we don’t see batman in the trailer

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