December 7, 2011

Learning Guitar on YouTube

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Written by: Recultured Team
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Whenever I was asked where I took my guitar lessons, I would always say “YouTube!”. I haven taken a few beginners lessons with the AMS mini school before, but for most of the time when I wanted to learn a song or a particular technique, I would always search for tutorial videos on YouTube. They’re free and involves no time commitment (not saying that you don’t have to practice!), loved it!

Having “taken lessons” from various teachers on Youtube over the past few years, here’s a few thoughts that I would like to share with people that are interested in learning guitar from YouTube.

1. Look for more than one tutorial video! Most songs can be played in different chords and strumming patterns. Pick the one that you feel most comfortable playing with, or be creative and combine the different styles to fit your way of playing it!

2.  A good tutorial video includes detailed break-downs of the song where the teacher explains the finger position for the chords and plays the slowed down version of the strumming pattern.

3. Look at the Likes/Dislikes and the comments received by the video. This is just to keep in mind that not all teachers are playing the songs correctly. You don’t want to end up learning something totally different!

4. Add-ons: It would really be helpful if you had guitar tabs that you could refer to when the teacher had missed some parts on the song. The website that I would recommend for guitar tabs is www.911tabs.com

Aside from tips, here are some recommended channels if…

1.  …you want to learn some cool guitar techniques

2. …you want to learn some popular songs and cool guitar solos


3. … you are looking for some Miyavi style acoustic guitar slapping tricks  (super cool and not hard to learn!)

These are only some of the channels that I have learned guitar from while there are millions of other great channels out there.

Which song woud you like to learn?  Feel free to leave it in the comment area, and I can help you look for its tutorial videos on YouTube!

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  • Jon

    That slapping stuff can make you look soo pro

  • I’ve attempted (and failed) several times at learning how to play the guitar through YouTube… any suggestions of videos for people with the status of “VERY VERY beginner”? 😛

    • Definitely check out beginner songs on the channel mentioned above, martyzsongs. I think “Collide” by Howie Day is the go-to song for beginners because its really easy to play http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9sYYTgnWYo.

      But try to pick songs you really want to play because theres no sense in learning something you don’t enjoy playing.

      Good luck Joanne!

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