February 21, 2014

Concert Review: Miley Cyrus at Rogers Arena

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Written by: Recultured Team
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As one of the most talked about celebrities in 2013, Miley Cyrus stole the show at Rogers Area on Valentines Day. Promoting her new album, Bangerz, Miley rolled up twerking on a gold Mini-Cooper sized car singing “Love, Money, Party” to open her show. Just in case there were 12-year-old Hannah Montana fans in the arena, you could not miss the very large “Parental Advisory Explicit Content” sign posted on the jumbo screen behind her.  Although the stadium was not sold out, the crowd was roaring and letting out deafening screams the entire night.

To begin the night, the Swedish pair Icona Pop warmed up the crowd with their famous dance-club song “I Love It.”  They did an excellent job in getting everyone amped and ready for the big show.

Right at 8:30, I was pleasantly surprised to see Miley come out and begin her performance. Unlike other artists, she did not keep her fans waiting. Her recent I-don’t-care attitude led me to believe that she would start later like her good friend Justin Bieber in the United Kingdom who arrived 2 hours late for his own concert.

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As she begun singing “FU” the weirdness, that of course was to be expected, started to show. On the big screen behind her were psychedelic mushrooms that covered the screen, I felt as if she were taking me down a path in the forest with giant colourful mushrooms. As if things couldn’t have gotten weirder, there was an enormous Sesame-Street-like-alpaca dancing on the stage with her. At one point I thought it was twerking with her!

One of the true highlights in her show was when she sang “Can’t Be Tamed” which was released in 2010. She performed this song in front of a giant dog that looked a lot like her real life dog Floyd. Although it was an older song, majority of her fans knew the lyrics and were happily participating.

After her 2010 hit single, and in honor of Valentines Day, she sang her third released song “Adore You.” She displayed a kiss cam that had a border of a wedding ring where Miley encouraged people  to show their affection for their friend or significant other. Although at first it was cute to see couples kissing, it got a little out of hand after seeing a little too much tongue after the 10th couple.

Shifting her audience’s attention towards the end of the arena, Miley sang a cover of Outkast’s “Hey Ya” and Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” in an over-sized t-shirt with her face plastered on it accessorized with a bejeweled snapback.  To be honest, at first I didn’t know which song she was singing because she seemed vocally strained.

Nearing the conclusion of her show she sang her smash hit “23” in nothing more than a bra, underwear and chaps. Despite her outfit that mimicked her music video outfit, she had the whole arena standing up, dancing and most definitely singing along which made for a memorable performance.

On her final goodbye, she exited with “Someone Else” on a flying hotdog, which she tweeted about weeks before. Even being high up into the air, her vocals weren’t shaky and sounded just as amazing as it did on her album.

For an encore she sang “We Can’t Stop” and her controversial music video song “Wrecking Ball.” With some fans thinking she was finished and exiting the stadium, she had a second encore song “Party in the U.S.A.” which is my personal favourite Miley Cyrus song.

Overall, the concert was full of amusement. Talking to a few fans post-concert, they were glad they attended and thought Miley did well in being an entertainer. If you wanted to let loose for a couple hours, it was definitely the place to be on Valentines.

Miley Cyrus definitely “can’t stop and won’t stop.”



Set List:

SMS (Bangerz)
Love Money Party
My Darlin’
Maybe You’re Right
Do My Thang
Can’t Be Tamed
Adore You
Rooting for My Baby
Hey Ya
Someone Else


We Can’t Stop
, Wrecking Ball

Encore 2:

Party in the U.S.A.


To experience the Bangerz tour, please visit:

posted by:  trevwoh – YouTube


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