October 25, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Lenno – 16 Year Old DJ Extraordinaire

It goes without saying that electronic dance music (EDM) has seen a steady rise in popularity over the years. No longer exclusive to dance clubs and rave parties, EDM has entered the mainstream. The ease of access and affordability of technology related to music production these days has a lot of people aspiring to become superstar DJs/producers off the strength of their home-brewed remixes and records. This has led to an over-saturated scene with quantity overcoming quality.

One of the few who has risen above this overcrowded crop is Lenno, a 16 year old DJ/producer from Espoo, Finland. This kid is the definition of a prodigy. His work is pure magic. Despite still being a teen, Lenno already produces highly complex, massive records with layers upon layers of synths, and dribbles of funky goodness.  This guy is poised to take over clubs all over the world, having already played esteemed shows in New York alongside Araabmuzik, Gotye, and The Knocks, and creating radio mixes for the acclaimed Ministry of Sound.

Lenno’s popularity in the music blogosphere first gained momentum last year for his remix of B.o.B’s smash hit “Nothin’ On You” featuring Bruno Mars. In this remix, Lenno strips the original to the bare minimum sampling only Bruno Mars’ smooth vocals and flipping the track into a dreamy electro-house tune perfect for the dance floor:

Since that time, Lenno’s sound has progressed quickly into a uniquely sophisticated blend of disco, house, and funk, evident in his remix of “Robotic Love” by Labtracks. Trust me, this tune will take you on one groovy roller coaster ride:


A personal favourite of mine is the Lenno remix of “B.A.B.E” by Mr.A & Something Good. Absolutely love the Pharrell sample in this. You know that moment when you finally make a move on that pretty girl on the dance floor who’s been giving you signs but is playing hard to get? This song epitomizes that experience:

To witness this kid’s full musical prowess, it’s also essential to listen to one of his DJ mixes. The way he transitions and fuses tracks together is simply impeccable:

Seriously, I don’t know how Lenno has developed into such a talented DJ/producer at such a young age. When I was 16, I sat at home playing video games or fooled around with friends on weekends. This guy spends his weekends going to different cities doing music gigs at venues he’s not old enough to play at and producing out of this world tunes for people twice his age. Clearly, Lenno is a true wunderkind.

Find out more about Lenno on his Facebook and Twitter. You can also listen to more of his remixes and a couple of original tracks on his official SoundCloud.

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