December 26, 2011

Jason Chen is Coming to Vancouver!

Taiwanese American Singer Jason Chen is bringing his “Music Never Sleeps” Spirit to Vancouver! Most of you may be familiar with his music on YouTube, where he had covered many songs with his powerful voice and musical talents gaining over 80 million views in total! Embracing his bilingual identity, Jason Chen covered and wrote both English and Mandarin songs.His newest original song “Best Friend” had over 1 million views. Being interactive in the YouTube community, Jason Chen had also collaborated with various artists in the past such as Joseph Vincent, J Rice and J. Reyez.

Jason Chen’s original song, “Best Friend”

Jason Chen’s collaboration with J Rice on the Mandarin song “tong hua” by Kong Leong

A well-known Taiwanese news channel’s exclusive interview with Jason Chen

Checkout his shout out to Vancouver!


The concert will be on February 4th, 2012 at Croatien Cultural Center.

Reasons to go:

  • For the couples, it will be a great warmup for Valentine’s day!
  • For the singles, a great chance to win his/her heart before Valentine’s day!
  • For everyone, a night to have fun and enjoy inspiring music!
  • For the 2012 End of the World Believers, start off your final year with something different!

Sales for early bird (cheaper) tickets end on January 6th 2012!   

Tickets available at:

For more information visit:

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  • C.diddy

    Awesome! I have friends who are going today!

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