February 1, 2012

Youtube Music Spotlight: sstec09

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Written by: Jenessa Tan
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Youtube Spotlight

Youtube is the best. It is a one-stop shop for all videos entertaining, awing and educating. But under its ever accumulating heap of meme-generating masterpieces, animal adorable-ness and “what the heck were they thinking” acts, a lot of truly talented people get buried. The Stecs are some of those people.

The Youtube channel, sstec09, was created by brothers Stephen and Mike Stec about 5 years as a means to “quell the chronic boredom that so oft plagues energetic lads of our day.” Their posts range from dead-on acoustic covers to well-written, beautiful originals. Not only highly adept at playing the piano and guitar, both of them also have amazing voices that seriously will make you swoon. Seriously. These guys are really good. But then again, don’t believe me. Watch for yourselves.

Here are a couple of my favourite videos from them:

Be sure to check out their channel here. And subscribe if you like them.

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Jenessa Tan
Jenessa Tan
Jenessa is a fourth year student at UBC. She can usually be found thwarting the plans of criminal masterminds, piloting Fireflies, rocking out to Trock or baking. DFTBA

  • C.diddy

    Love LOVE their voices :)

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