February 21, 2012

Very Mary-Kate-tastic

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Written by: Recultured Team
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Move over Mary-Kate, there’s a new Olsen twin in town – and this time her name isn’t Ashley.

The comedic brainchild of writer and funny woman Elaine Carroll, Very Mary-Kate is weekly web series that offers a fictional glimpse into the life and times of the comical yet allusive Olsen twin. Carroll, who also stars as the titular sister, draws on well-known facts about the child actress turned fashion mogul and generously elaborates on them. Whittled down to two-minute video snippets, these satirical exaggerations are met with clever one-liners, wildly uncanny impersonations and impeccable comedic writing.

Very Mary-Kate gracing the cover of Vogue

Touted as the “unofficial biography of everyone’s favourite Olsen twin”, the CollegeHumor original series does in fact hold some truth. Indeed, the real Mary-Kate has attended classes at NYU, she does employ a bodyguard and there is of course the constant presence of sibling rivalry with her sister Ashley. However, much of the similarities between the real Mary-Kate and Very Mary-Kate end there. Using these facts as a basis, Carroll masterfully crafts a witty portrayal of Mary-Kate in all her Boho-chic glory.

Since “Very Mary-Kate” began airing in 2010, we have been introduced to a side of the Olsen twin rarely seen – a hunched over, kimono wearing, incessant napper who often summons her faithful bodyguard (aptly nicknamed Bodyguard) to fetch her a picture of a bagel because she refuses to consume physical food. And who can forget that signature facial expression!

Needless to say that all these characteristics are wild exaggerations. However it is these outrageous impersonations and spoofs about her life that make the web series so wickedly entertaining.

What is also worth noting is the series’ investment in establishing itself across several social media platforms in order to broaden it’s reach and build a loyal fanbase. As a web-based series, “Very Mary-Kate” relies heavily on social media to drum up new viewership. As a result, Carroll has developed engaging character profiles that enhances the scope of “Very Mary-Kate” and ultimately brings life to series. For instance many characters actually have their own Twitter profiles including Bodyguard, Fat Professor, Jewish-Looking Girl and of course, Ashley Olsen.

It is this vested interest in the development of the characters as well as the series as a whole that deserves immense praise for Carroll – and her efforts do not go unnoticed. No doubt “Very Mary-Kate” has achieved a huge internet following as fans flock to its various social media platforms. I highly recommend checking out all her channels for more “Very Mary-Kate” goodness!


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