August 23, 2011

Top 5 Youtube Musicians

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Written by: Recultured Team
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Over the years youtube has become a platform for many aspiring artists to show off their talents. As a direct result of the success and exposure, youtube has unleashed a new breed of musicians who have contributed to some of the best and most viewed youtube videos to date. So whether youre looking for Rhythm and Blues, Rock or Indie, its only a click away. Who needs the radio when you’ve got talent like this?

1. Andrew Garcia

WHO: Previously a contestent on American Idol Andrew was the first singer who got me hooked onto youtube. Most noted for his cover “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5, Andrew has performed hundreds of covers with numerous youtube stars such as Victor Kim and Cathy Nguyen. Since his premere on American Idol Andrew has begun recording songs while staying true to his youtube fans by producing weekly covers on youtube.
WHY: He’s on this top 5 list because his passion for singing shines through in every performance and video. His voice always reminds me of a young Ray Charles and Pumba from the Lion King; a perfect combination of blues and soul.


2. Jayme Dee

WHO: A Los Angeles based singer/songwriter, Jayme Dee started singing on youtube in 2007. After doing numerous covers of other artists she began writing and producing her own songs for itunes.
WHY: She deserves to be on this top 5 list because of her unique renditions on covers and her amazing range. She plays the guitar like a pro and has amazing vocals to back it up. Her voice reminds me of a mix between Colbie Caillat and Taylor Swift (the perfect combination).


3. Ebrahim

WHO: A Vancouver based youtube musician since 2009, eebsofresh has a fresh take on old school songs. As a beatboxer/singer he uses his own beats to produce the background music to his songs. Collaborating with the likes of TimothyDeLaGhetto and Jeremy Passion eebsofresh is one of a kind.
WHY: eebsofresh belongs on this list not only because of the fact that he’s from Vancouver 🙂 but also because he is definitely one of the most talented musicians on youtube. He puts his own twist on every song he produces, by creating his own beat. His voice has a very soothing R&B tone to it.


4. Boyce Avenue:
(Boyce Avenue)

WHO: Since their youtube debut in 2007, Boyce Avenue has sky rocketed to fame from their incredible covers. As an independent record label Boyce Avenue has created such a wide fan base with over 100 videos uploaded, ranging from R&B to Indie and Rock. Currently Boyce Avenue is on world tour to Europe, Canada, USA and Australia.
WHY: Boyce Avenue is on this list because of their amazing rendition on so many songs. Its rare to find an artist that kicks butt in every cover they take. The lead Singer, Alejandro Manzano has such a rich and soulful voice that could make any song sound good.

5. JRAquino

WHO: JRA joined youtube in 2009 from the chilly Anchorage Alaska, and has since produced his own songs and recorded hundreds of covers. Well known for his own song “By Chance (You and I)”, JRA continues to update his youtube channel weekly while going on tour around North America. JRA has produced many covers with other talented singers such as Jesse barrera and AJ Raphael.
WHY: With a perfect voice for R&B JRA is the perfect blend of Usher and Neyo. His uploads contain everything from Kings of Leon to Miley Cyrus.

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