December 30, 2011

Project4Awesome: Reducing World Suck, One Video At A Time

Sometimes it seems like the world is getting a bit more dismal. On the news, you rarely get those heart-warming aw-inducing stories. Instead, there are those telling of people going insane and pepper spraying others to get an Xbox. Or school officials being charged for fraud. Or violent clashes between soldiers and protesters. Every time I read/listen/watch the news, “Where is the Love?” always plays in my head. But then there is Project4Awesome to restore my faith in humanity.

Project4Awesome is an annual Youtube event held on the 17th and 18th of December. Each year, online video creators come together to create, promote and share videos spotlighting charitable and non-profit organizations such as UNICEF and Project Water. The videos are aimed to raise awareness of these organizations but also to encourage the community to give. In essence, it is the Youtube community coming together to decrease world suck.

It all started with the Vlogbrothers, Hank and John Green. In 2007, they introduced the underground charity project to Nerdfighteria and hacked Youtube. Using tips and tricks the community had learned to gain views, the group aimed to inundate Youtube’s Most Viewed and Most Discussed lists with videos about and promoting charity. And they were successful. The project has since continued annually, becoming less underground and more legitimate as Youtube has become increasingly more involved.

Last year’s P4A was the most successful one to date. It had over 3000 videos (including the one below) with over 40 hours of running time, 600 000 comments and total video views of over 10 million. It was also the first year to raise funds for the charities that were being promoted. A total of $130,000 was raised, $100,000 of that through small donations.

This year, they aim to beat those numbers. And you can do your part to help! Watch, like, favourite some videos and share them with your friends. And, if you can, donate too! It’s all for good causes. For more information, visit the P4A website.

Enjoy this year’s P4A and help decrease world suck. DFTBA!


*Update: P4A raised a total of $71,348.30 for charity this year! Woot!

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