August 25, 2011

7 Things To Do During the NBA Lockout

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Written by: Ralph King
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On July 1st, 2011, the NBA officially locked out its players. If you’re an avid fan of the NBA like me, the thought of the 2011-2012 season being cancelled is a heartbreaking one. Here are 10 things that will distract you from the NBA lockout as you impatiently cross you fingers and hope for the best

  1. Actually Play Basketball 

    Not all of us have the time to actually play the game we love the most. An unemployed 5th-year university student like me could never find the time to lace ’em up and play ball. But with the NBA lockout in effect, it is the perfect time to get back in the game. Watching games and highlights, listening to basketball experts, and reading about that blockbuster trade rumor you were hoping for actually takes a huge chunk of your time. Take advantage of the newfound free time you have and start playing again. Not only will it give you the exercise that you desperately need but you’ll grow to have a better appreciation for the game.

  2. Follow the Entertaining Life of Ron Artest/Metta World Peace

    It never hurts to be entertained by the most unpredictable player in NBA history. Even before making his way to Hollywood, RonRon has always found a way to grab the spotlight —whether it’s igniting a brawl or pulling down his matchup’s shorts. After being swept by the Dallas Mavericks last playoffs, Artest wasn’t going to let the disappointing exit ruin his summer. In late June he filed a petition for a name change to Metta World Peace which even had the crazy ones scratching their heads. He also continues to appear on late-night shows, tweet heavily, and he’s probably working on a new track right now after the success of his single Champions which was released after winning his first championship. Unfortunately for Ron, his petition was recently put on hold due to outstanding traffic warrants. Regardless, the unpredictable character that is Ron Artest (we’ll call him that for now) make the lockout slightly bearable.

    Sorry Mr. Peace but you're gonna have to wait

  3. Embrace the World’s Obsession with Lebron James

    If Ron Artest doesn’t do it for you then maybe riding the wave of Lebron-hating will. Since taking his talents to South Beach, Lebron James has transformed from a media darling to a super villain…and we all know that bad guys get more publicity. After his disappearing act in the NBA Finals,  hating on Lebron has suddenly become trendy. Search any video of Lebron on Youtube right now and what you’ll get are 4th-quarter jokes or ‘Lebron traveled’  comments. With so much attention being paid towards him it is only natural that the media feed off it. Since the lockout started several viral videos of him have already surfaced which include losing a game of knockout to a kid, getting dunked on by a Taiwanese baller, and getting cold feet from a dive in Barcelona. All this attention is actually somewhat entertaining. Who knows, maybe we’ll soon see a video Lebron getting dunked on by a midget.

    "Gimme a F'in break!"

  4. Check Out Other Basketball Leagues and Exhibitions
    Just because the league is in a lockout doesn’t mean that the players can’t play ball at all. Several exhibitions and league games have already taken place and it is an opportunity for fans to see their favorite playing in a totally different atmosphere. Take Kobe Bryant for example who had an Asian tour this summer and brought co-NBA stars Chris Paul, Kevin Durant, and Derrick Rose for a couple of exhibition games in the Philippines. Speaking of Kevin Durant, the young Thunder superstar wowed fans with 66 points in Rucker Park and have participated in several other leagues in the US. If you’re favorite player happened to opt to play internationally like Deron Williams, then it would take greater effort from you to watch these games due to time differences. You could still however catch these games through several streaming sites and platforms out there that I refuse to list out (a simple Google search would do).  If you’re truly feening for some hoops then checking out these various leagues will help you get through the day.
  5. Reminisce with Old NBA Highlights on Youtube

    Some say clinging to the past would not help you get over something, but not in this case. One of my favorite ways to kill time, lockout or no lockout, is to watch random highlights. In my case, that would mean hours and hours of Kobe highlights from his colorful 15-year career. I also like watching clips of epic fights like the infamous brawl in The Palace or really, any Shaq fight. With the way Youtube suggests you with related videos, time really goes by so fast. Just start with one clip that you’re interested in and next thing you know, the lockout is over. Here’s one of my favorite ones:


  6. Get NBA 2k12 and Play the Shit Out of It

    This one is by far the best activity of them all. I don’t care if you don’t even own a gaming console —you have to find a way to get your hands on this game. 2K Sports yet again promises a revolutionary NBA game that always drastically outperforms its predecessor. We were all blown away with NBA 2K11 and its Jordan Challenges, but 2K12 takes an extra step this time and includes a “Legends” mode, which allows you to play 15 NBA legends against their respective rival teams. The latest game of the franchise also features key improvements not only in graphics but in gameplay as well. I’ll let this trailer do the talking :

  7. Pray Hard

    Pray to God, Allah, Buddha, or whoever you think could perform a divine intervention because this lockout could be one of the worst things that could happen to us NBA fans. Unlike the 98-99 season when Michael Jordan retired and the league was in search of its new identity, the upcoming season presents several exciting questions that only an actual played season would be able to answer: Will Dirk and the Mavs repeat as champions? Can Lebron and his friends in South Beach recover from such a devastating Finals ending? Are the Lakers still legit contenders or has the dynasty already come to an end? We’ll never find out until the season is played, and that’s why you, me and the rest of the NBA fanbase should hold hands and pray for the end of the lockout.

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