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March 7, 2014

Sushimoto – Fresh Sushi at Holdom Station

Location and service:

It’s been a while since we’ve caught up, so my friend Emily decided to take me to Sushimoto near Holdom skytrain station at 2221 Holdom Avenue, right next to Revs Bowling. She heard from a friend that the sushi was good and their ratings were high on Urban Spoon (91%!).

This friendly-type restaurant felt like a good place for families, for friends to catch up. With the wooden furniture and bar with figurines that’s positioned right in front of the sushi chefs, this restaurant is a good place for people to hang out. We were the first customers to get there, were greeted and got seated near the window. Hot green tea was served to us promptly after.



We ordered a variety of items including torched aburi sushi, 2 raw miyagi oysters, wakame salad, volcano roll and takowasabi.

Oysters were fresh and nicely seasoned for you as they were served. Definitely get more next time. The small miyagi oysters are usually one of my frequent choices to get at restaurants as there are sweeter tasting than the others.

The wakame salad was normal, which usually has a subtle sweetness to it. It is made with a sea vegetable, usually served with sesame oil and seeds.

Interesting Fact! In English, wakame is also called sea mustard (Wikipedia, 2014)

We ordered 2 of each for the torched aburi sushi: toro steak, salmon belly, negi toro and fresh toro, and hamachi to try it. All the torched items had sauce on top and all the items were really fresh and flavourful. The meat on top was really fresh so the fatty toro melted while I ate it. The sushi rice was condense so it didn’t fall apart when I ate it in half. The soy sauce drizzled on top of the aburi sushi all tasted similar: sweet and savory.

The volcano roll was a california roll topped chopped scallop, green onion, mayo and spicy sauce. The roll itself was equally fresh and full of different flavours with the combination of meats, sauce and condiments.

The takowasabi came to a surprise for Emily as it was more on the saltier side with a thick, sticky sauce. The wasabi mixed in with the raw octopus wakes you up while its eaten wrapped in seaweed.


The Restaurant

The store itself was small and cozy with 3 booths near the window and 5-10 tables in the bigger seating area. There’s also a sushi bar with around 6 seats with different figurines in their display box including jacky chan being the very first few on the right of the bar. When we headed out around 6, the store started piling up with people. I’ll definitely come back to try more rolls and aburi sushi, but a suggestion for those who want to go is to head in around 5 right after their break between 2:30-5 to avoid the dinner rush of people.

Price – $$
Overall Rating – 7.5/10
Food Presentation – 3/5
Atmosphere – 3/5
Taste – 4/5
Seating – 4/5
Service – 3/5 

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  • jojopuff

    This is my go-to place for Sushi in Burnaby. Their special makis are absolutely delicious, and the service is great! I would also like to mention that those figurines on display are very popular (and sometimes highly sought after) collectibles. Many of them are more than $300! My boyfriend went into a geek frenzy when he saw them.

    • Michelle Wong

      That’s great to know! I’ll definitely pay more attention to the figurines if I get a chance to eat at the bar 🙂

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