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April 9, 2014

Pho Viet – Casual Pho Vietnamese Noodles on Westminister Highway

After a long day of school, I met up with my friend, Kelly at Pho Viet in Richmond, rated 85% on Urban Spoon.

Atmosphere and Service:

We came to this place as a casual, general place we go to for Pho whenever we meet up, for convenience. I remember going into the restaurant without having anything to eat; feeling hungry at around 5 pm in the afternoon. The restaurant wasn’t busy and I was casually greeted and seated at one of the tables.



I usually categorize my visit to Vietnamese places into a general two categories: Rice or Soup Noodles. Occasionally, there would be the dry noodles or other options at different restaurants.With that in mind, I had my mind set on soup noodles. Therefore, I decided to get the ‘Pho special,’ since you get a variety of beef. I replaced the rice noodles with bành canh (white round rice tapioca noodles) in addition to a spicy soup base. Essential, what I got was ‘Bun Bo Hue’ with a different combination of added meats. (But we can save the discussion of buen bo hue for another post) To complement the noodles, my friend suggested to try lemonade with lime.

The special at Pho Viet is served with beef steak, flank, tendon sprinkled with onions, green onions and cilantro. As you may be aware, raw or cooked bean sprouts, with lime, mint leaves and jalapeno peppers are typically served on the side for you to add in your soup. I enjoy having my bean sprouts raw, as it adds a nice crunch to the noodles while you eat. In addition, I added lime and the jalapeno peppers to enhance the flavour to the soup base. I’m so glad I tried the lemonade with lime, since it complemented so well with the spicy soup base. With one tasting sour and the other spicy, I was quite satisfied with my meal once I was finished (and maybe because I was hungry too!).

*Neat things to know when you order:

1) You can generally substitute the noodles with any soup noodle combination

2) Request for their spicy soup base instead of their original stock (it’s different from the chilli oil that’s already on the table)


Minimum charge per person: 

With my whole dining experience, everyone in the store needs to spend a minimum amount so my friend and I ordered a Vietnamese sandwich to go. Overall, the food wasn’t bad, but service could be improved, and it is a casual place to dine-in.

Price – $
Overall Rating – 5.0/10
Food Presentation – 1/5
Atmosphere – 2/5
Taste – 3.5/5
Seating – 2/5
Service – 1/5 

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