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July 11, 2014

Customized Sushi Rolls at Landsdowne’s Food Court – now CLOSED!

So lately, I’ve been obsessing over a place inside Landsdowne Centre’s food court that custom-makes specialized sushi rolls. We all know that specialized rolls usually start form $10 and up but Let’s Roll Sushi Bar makes rolls for under $10 with fresh ingredients. It is rated 90% on Urbanspoon and I found out they used to have a location in downtown too. Reasons why I enjoy it:

1) Reasonably Priced

This place is a stealing price at under $9 for a roll of 10 decent pieces. Comparable to ‘special’ dragon/house rolls at common sushi restaurants that charge at least $12. The portions are definitely a bang for your buck.


2) Variety

Aside from having fresh ingredients, you can choose up to 2 items inside AND outside as toppings for your roll. Their selection is great from tempura, spicy or non-spicy raw meats like salmon and tuna, tamago, etc. Learning from my friends, I found out picking artificial crab meat as a topping makes your meal and roll look that much fuller.

Click here for a video on how they’re made!

They have many sauces to choose from too including: miso, spicy mayo, blueberry (a more unique choice) and more! My current favourite is miso, which is a safe choice for any who enjoys a light and savoury choice. As a personal preference, I found that I didn’t need the soy sauce they provided since there’s enough flavour with the sauce.

3) Convenient

Since you can pick and choose, they have an easy system where you fill in your form, pay and have it made. It’s easy to eat in the food court if you’re grabbing a quick bite or convenient to take out if you’re in a hurry.

Honestly, who doesn’t like customization?! Especially with all these special rolls you can order at common Japanese restaurants, you can make your own at Let’s Roll! I started to eat clean and this custom bar has enabled me to eat out, which can be a challenge at times. I can be selective with my choices – definitely a go-to place for me anytime I want to make my own sushi.

Price – $
Overall Rating – 7/10
Food Presentation – 3/5
Taste – 4/5
Seating – 2/5
Photos taken by Mfoodie

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