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June 11, 2014

Foundation Vegan Restaurant on Main

My sister, Ruby suggested that we try out Foundation. Right away, what caught my attention outside the building was the interesting mural on their wall facing north (picture below).


Atmosphere and Seating: Walking in there was a stand that said ‘please wait here to be seated.’ The ambiance of the restaurant was more on the dark side, but it was tolerable. Entering the restaurant, they had an open kitchen to the right corner of the store (top left of collage below) and we decided to sit right on the opposite corner looking out onto Main street. They had another side to the restaurant that had some more seating (top right and bottom left of collage below).


Food: We decided to order vegan corn chowder and mango forte which consisted of broccoli, zucchini, mango and jalapenos in coconut sauce tossed in twisted pasta. Both dishes were delicious. The vegan chowder was light which I enjoyed and had lots of corn and vegetables in it. The pasta had a simple sauce tossed in a mixture of mango fruit and peppers. It wasn’t spicy at all even though the menu mentioned jalapenos are in it.

Parking: We parked behind the restaurant which had a small place that would fit a maximum of 4 cars. There wasn’t really a designated area to park either, so like most Vancouver restaurants we would have resorted to street parking. When our meal was done, there was a car blocking our way heading out but the owner or one of the waitresses from Foundation was so helpful in finding the driver for us and patiently explained to the driver about only parking there if you were a customer.

Overall, food was yummy – good as a choice for vegetarian food or simply just to try something new for a change! Service was great and aside from my preference to park on the streets next time, I’d definitely come back to try the same dish or ‘pa pasta ya’ which has papaya and lime sauce on it. As you can tell with the sense of their menu item names, their dishes are quite unique with use of different ingredients as well.

Just an update: I’ve seen really mixed reviews about Foundation on Google Plus+ but I suggest you foodies out there to try it for yourself! 🙂

Price – $$
Overall Rating – 7.0/10
Food Presentation – 2/5
Atmosphere – 2.5/5
Taste – 3/5
Seating – 2/5
Service – 3.5/5   

Photos taken by: Mfoodie

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