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December 14, 2011

Going Vegetarian Part II: Eating Vegetarian

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Written by: Recultured Team
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As my vegetarian experiment continues, I’ve had to make changes to my diet and forgo some of my favourite meat dishes. To keep my meals tasty and appealing, I’ve been experimenting with some familiar dishes. Here are some of my go-to meals since turning vegetarian and some ways to keep them interesting:

Soup is a great vegetarian dish that is still flavorful and perfect for winter. Substitute vegetable broth in place of chicken broth and you’re in business. A blender or food processor is sometimes necessary but preparation is usually fairly simple. Some of my favourite soups include carrot soup, butternut squash soup and tomato soup.

I’m not talking about your basic greens and store bought dressing here. I add loads of vegetables to my salads like cucumbers, red peppers, carrots and avocados. The more colourful, the better. Canned foods are also easy additions; try sweet corn, chickpeas, black beans and or kidney beans. And skip the bottled salad dressing and make your own. Here’s a quick recipe:

  • Balsamic vinegar – 1 part
  • Extra virgin olive oil – ½ part
  • Dijon mustard, honey and salt & pepper – to taste

Plain vegetables can get a little boring after awhile, so spice things up with some curry. You can pick up pre-mixed powders and pastes from the store, or make your own at home. (Jamie Oliver has recipes for five different curry pastes here.) You can make your curries with vegetables of your choice, rice, tofu and/or chickpeas. I’ve even used a little bit of green curry paste with spaghetti when I’ve run out of tomato sauce in the past. Curry is also a great option for eating out or for take out food; butter paneer is a just as tasty as butter chicken, while many Thai restaurants serve their curries with tofu instead of meat.

What do you think?
Do any of these recipes seem appealing? What are your favourite vegetarian dishes? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Anonymous

    I definitely prefer balsamic dressing over Caesar or cream-based ones. I find those disgusting. Uck! Thanks for sharing! 

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