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December 15, 2014

Steel Toad Brewery Company: It’s a Serious Pleasure

If you’re sophisticated, suave and have just a little gravitas: Your new False Creek beer hangout spot just opened up on 2nd Avenue between Quebec and Ontario. It took a while, but Steel Toad Brewery Company finally opened its doors on October 3rd. Though still going through a few minor tweaks to catch up with all the excitement, the place is well furnished, well-populated and ready to go.

Equipped with its own stone pizza (forno) oven and just about as much beer as you can drink Steel Toad did not disappoint. Of course with a few of the biggest beer players in town just a few blocks away, they can’t really afford to. They brew and serve a few varieties of beer in-house and they taste pretty dang fantastic. From a Rye IPA to an Oatmeal Stout, it doesn’t matter what you fancy, their in-house beers are bound to satisfy. The Best Bitter and the Oatmeal Stout are definitely what I’d come back for. Unfortunately, one of the limitations in being a go getter and going just as they opened was that the selection was limited to what they brewed in house. Their mysterious selective beer list has yet to make an appearance. As told to me by a waitress, their up and coming ‘extensive list’ is coming ‘soon’ and is said to focus on unique beers national and internationally found that are not normally served in Vancouver; definitely something to look forward to.


On the liquor front, however, Steel Toad is ready with as much whisky you can try and as much rum as you can drink. Beside hard liquor they have a cool selection of cocktails that you might just be tempted to try. They have some classics like the Moscow Mule, but also some intriguing choices like an Earl Grey Martini (made with a Earl Grey infused Tanqueray, Lemon juice and egg whites).

The atmosphere of the place was packed with happy faces and rosy cheeks as the Friday night fever hit scene. There was live music playing in the corner and beer being served left and right. The lighting was dim to set the tone, with groups of people nestled together so that they can hear each other over the large crowds. There are giant brewery containers overhanging on one side and the upstairs balcony (for families and kids) on the other. The dark textured wallpaper and the high ceiling really adds some class to the scene putting on the impression that Steel Toad knows how to serve up beer to the classy and formal. It’s a place for the sophisticated drinker who’s looking for a good time out.


Photos by Theo Wong

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