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March 21, 2012

The History of Poutine

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Written by: Recultured Team
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When I think of Canadian foods, the first thing that comes into my mind is poutine. Many locals call it a comfort food, for an international student like me, I simply like it because everything with french fries is good.

There have been many controversies over which restaurant invented poutine. Since, many of the claims came from restaurants in Montreal, I will first assume that poutine has originated from Quebec. The cheese curds on the fries were originally sold in bags as snacks in regions. In 1964, Jean-Paul Roy who was the owner of Roy le Jucep restaurant in Warwick, Drummondville claimed that he had invented poutine when he added his restaurant exclusive potato sauce (“tomato based mixture”) to french fries. He later added cheese curds to the sauce and french fries after realizing that many of his customers are doing the same thing. Although gravy is usually the sauce for poutines in Vancouver, many Montreal restaurants use a chicken-based veloute as the sauce which they claim is the authentic sauce for poutine.

Interestingly, poutine became popular in New York and New Jersey and it was sold as “disco fries” during late night at restaurants where people usually go after “disco-ing”. Today, poutine is sold at different kinds of restaurants from high end french cuisine restaurants to low end fast food chains.

With french fries and gravy as the basics, people can get really creative with poutine.

Gnocchi Poutine with Short Rib and Gremolata

Green Bean and Mushroom Poutine for the Veggie Lovers!

Sweet potato and Lobster Poutine

I happened to find this video blogger’s journey of discovering the best poutines in Vancouver. Would you recommend other restaurants to her?

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  • Anonymous

    I only recently tried poutine for the first time this February. I went to Dunn’s (on Seymour) and me and my 3 friends got the “6 poutines for $20” deal (which is no longer valid). All 6 poutines tasted delicious! =)

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