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August 23, 2011

When Food Is On Your Mind


When I spend time on the computer, it is mostly consumed by staring at food. There are days when you really have nothing to do…so what better thing can you do than stare at food all day? You get to stare at amazing photos and gain 0 calories.

You can probably spend a good chunk of your day surfing the internet and bookmarking pages on interesting stuff.  For men, I am sure they have their regular sites like 9gag, Gizmodo and College Humor.

Us women just love food! We always have our cravings and what better way to make us salivate than looking at mass amounts of food pictures. Plus, its a great way to find recipes and local food establishments in town.

Below are a few of the most delicious sites on the internet to stimulate your taste buds. Do you have any favorite food sites?

If you do, let us know!

TasteSpotting – Images with delicious food and recipes

Food Porn Daily – Images of delicious food

Food Network Humor – Articles and images making fun of Food Network personalities

Epic Meal Time – Videos of guys making crazy meals with….BACON with over 10,000 calories

This Is Why You’re Fat – Images of gross food people make

Food Gawker – Similar to FoodSpotting

Foodspotting – People share images of food around Vancouver



Main Photo Credit: vylent 


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Finishing my last year at SFU's Beedie School of Business. I am a crazy sashimi and prawn eater and vinyl toy collector. During the day, I am a social media fanatic/ serial food addict and by night, I am Snorlax.

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