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September 24, 2011

M’s Food Court Corner: New York Fries

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Written by: Mark Woo
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Hello for another round of M’s Food Court Corner! The place at, where bachelors and bachelorettes with no money come to find affordable, albeit fast food reviews.

This time I decided to go to New York Fries, the one in Lougheed Mall food court. Now, I’ve always seen New York Fries around, in Metrotown and here, but I’ve only gone there once before, and that was back in 2008. I always skip NYF when I’m on Food Court hunting, but for the sake of M’s Food Court Corner I decided to bite the bullet and try it out. The reason why I don’t go to NYF before was that I always looked at it as only having French fries that weren’t all that different from other fast food places. Might as well get fries with your burger and coke while you’re at it right? Well after trying NYF again, that’s a major YES and NO.

I went to NYF two times for this post. The first time I got a Chili Dog, and added a side of The Work’s Fries, and a Pepsi (BOO Why no Coke??).  New York Fries offers 3 types of fries, The Works, The Poutine, and Regular.

The Work's Fries

Regular fries has no toppings, but you can add your own from their free selection. The free toppings include Jalapeno Tobasco, vinegar, ketchup, relish, onions, and more. The Poutine fries are topped with gravy and cheese curds, your standard affair. The Work’s however, comes with melted cheese sauce, green onions, bacon bits, Chili and my favorite, Sour Cream!

Be sure to grab the plastic fork when you eat these fries! The overflowing toppings and awesome sauces are sure to make you go through the 2 measly napkins they give you.

I’ve never tried the Poutine yet, but since I tried the fries by themselves, I can imagine it being un-unique. The Work’s however, is unique and delicious! Definitely will try it again! On a side note, there was a sign next to the cashier that said that 2 new fries toppings will come out very soon. The two new toppings are: Butter Chicken and Montreal Smoked Meat (?). I’m not sure about the Montreal Smoked Meat topping, but the Butter Chicken definitely caught my eye! Imagine juicy bits of butter chicken with curry sauce on french fries! OMG I need them now!!

On to the Chili Dog! The chili used in this hot dog was the same one they put in The Work’s fries. The chili, is definitely not that flavorful in the fries, (the cheese sauce overpowered it) and the same goes for the hot dog (the sausage overpowered it). While I was eating the chili dog, the only thing I noticed was how juicy and delicious the sausage was! The only thing reminding my mouth that I was eating it with chili was the occasional legume texture.

Chili Dog

The bun was fresh and soft, however, so it was comparable to the hot dogs you can get from Orange Julius. When it comes to chili though, I demand satisfaction! Chili has to be spicy enough to zing your tongue, but not spicy enough to make you a rocket after you digest it. NYF failed big time in the chili department, but then again, it’s not a chili place.

The damage for the entire meal, which was filling, came out to be $10.63. The price is fair, to a certain degree, but definitely not cheap.

The second time I went to NYF was because I saw their banner that proclaimed $12.00 for two hot dogs, one large fries, and two regular soft drinks! I brought my friend, NomaNoma, to cash into this awesome deal. When it was our turn to order, we got greedy and added cheese and bacon bits to our hot dogs and The Work’s topping on the fries. The damage came out to be $16ish but for 8 dollars a person, it was a better deal than my previous meal!

New York Fries Typical Meal

Side note, the cheese and bacon bits on the hot dogs is a better choice than the chili. However, it was sort of ultra salty as a result.

So if you haven’t tried New York Fries yet, go and try it! If you have but didn’t go back, get the $12 deal when you’re with a friend to save some money!

Make sure to check out the rating of New York Fries Here.  For more M’s Food Court Corner visit!

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