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October 16, 2011

Beat the Boredom, Fun Ways to Stay in Shape

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Written by: Recultured Team
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Part of a balanced lifestyle for students is staying healthy and exercising. The freshman fifteen is not a myth, with homework and exams it’s hard to find time to exercise. My mind is so busy with other things the last thing I want to do is plan an exercise regime or spending hours on a treadmill. When I feel like my body has gotten into a routine I no longer see the results from hours at the gym. The best way get your body over a plateau is by challenging it and trying new things. I tried a few different fitness crazes to challenge my body and keep things interesting. I love that feeling of working so hard that it hurts so good.


Crossfit is a fitness regime that combines different fitness principals such as weightlifting, gymnastics, rowing and power lifting. It also incorporates kettle bell training, plyometrics and medicine ball training. The goal is to create a well rounded athlete. The program itself requires one-on-one personal training before being able to attend group classes. The one-on-one is good for understanding the principals of the exercises and ensuring proper form to prevent injury.

I found that being a fairly short person, box jumps were a challenge for me and the amount of chin ups I did lead to some pretty callous hands.  I loved the direction though and the fact that I tracked my progress. If you like high intensity work outs this is the fitness class for you. It is good if you want to constantly challenge yourself because your body never gets used to the work outs and you can increase the load to increase the intensity. Crossfit is perfect if you aren’t self directed and you need someone else to push you.



Bellyfit is a fusion between Yoga and Pilates, it also incorporates African dance and belly dancing. I am super uptight and love direction so I freaked out when the instructor said that we should just move to the music and do whatever our body feels. I felt like such a fool but man did I sweat. The Pilates and Yoga portion at the end is very relaxing and I felt it in my abs the next day. After moving around frantically the cool down is a perfect end to the class. It was a good class to ease tension, an amazing core and cardio workout and it never felt  like work. This class is awesome for the someone who hates going to the gym and it is nice to have a small element of strength training.



Bootcamp is an outdoor group exercise class that mixes polymetrics and interval training. The class allows you to work at your own pace; you can use the weights that your body can handle but it is still high intensity. I found that since it is such a big group format it was nice when the whole group was motivated and pushing themselves, that way I never wanted to be the weakest link in the class. I would get an adrenaline rush from my body working so hard most days. The outdoor aspect of the class is nice because in the fall it is hard to get fresh air. Vancouver is a rainy city so be sure to invest in some good outdoor work out wear to protect yourself from the elements. I would strongly recommend this if you have been away from the gym and need someone to whip you into shape.



Zumba is a Latin dance inspired fitness class. I took my roommate with me and she had the time of her life. The energy is really high everyone is having a good time and unlike a step class, there isn’t a lot of stress put on perfection. The class is just one big dance party. I have no dance capabilities and unlike Shakira my hips do lie, and no man would want to speak Spanish if they saw my body moving. It was good to just laugh at myself, which I did and I am sure many others did too. I felt so good after though, like I had gone out dancing with my girl friends. This class is perfect if you just want to have a good time and let loose. It is also a great workout, even though I didn’t perfect any of the steps I did sweat my buns off.

Fitness doesn’t have to be boring and it is important to find something that you enjoy rather than making it a chore. The hardest part of trying something knew is going in there and not knowing what to expect so I hope I have taken the edge off things.


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