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September 24, 2011

My Experience with the 2 week Intro offer from YYoga

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Written by: Shoestring
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I am not very athletic, nor very motivated to do very much of any exercise unless you bribe me. Two weeks ago, I tried out yoga for the first time. Since I always see people walking around with their tight yoga pants and rolled up mats, I was always curious what the lure of yoga was.

My friend and I decided to give yoga a try at YYoga with their 2 week membership trial for $35. I looked around into the different yoga studios in Vancouver, but I felt like YYoga would be a good choice to start my yoga journey since they have so many locations.

With the $35 membership fee, you get unlimited access to all their yoga classes, sauna services and mat + towel service. You can go to any of their locations and do as many classes as you want.

My first few classes were at the YYoga Yaletown location for Hot Yoga. It’s heated up to 40 degrees celsius and you really sweat a lot. Just sitting in the room will make you sweat bullets. It was very challenging and filled with stretches, balancing poses, and a few breathing exercises. The movements are very slow, but will challenge your body.

After that experience, I went to a few more hot yoga classes and I find that the experiences does differ depending which Yyoga location and instructor you have. My favorite hot yoga class was with Ingrid Nilson at the YYoga Yaletown location. When she teaches, you can really feel her passion for yoga and it makes the whole experience much better.

My second favorite class is Yin Yoga! It is a mediative slow paced class that focuses on long, deep stretching to improve mobility and flexibility. It is not as intense as Hot Yoga, but the room is a bit warm. You can be holding positions for as long as 5 minutes.

I remember one day, I went to Yin Yoga with a sore shoulder, but after the class, I left with the most relaxed shoulders I have ever had.

Yin Yoga is offered once a day at all locations. It’s usually in the evening, so you really have to check the schedule of when the class is offered.

Certain location are quite packed after 5pm. The most popular location is ‘Flow’, which is near Burrard and Robson. Some classes tend to be very full, but with their online registration system, you can reserve classes to ensure you have the spot in the class.

Another perk of the 2 week intro offer is unlimited sauna usage! It’s a pretty hot room, but it’s quite relaxing as you just sit there.

2 weeks for $35 is a great deal since drop in sessions are $20. Even if you only end up going twice, you still get your money back! After the 2 weeks, I decided to sign up for a 3 month membership. It is a bit costly, but the 15% student discount does help a bit. I found that it really helped me relax my body and my mind. I always thought yoga was full of mumbo jumbo, but I do feel so much less stressed than before.

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