April 1, 2014

What you need to know about the Simon Fraser Spring Sendoff

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Written by: Recultured Team
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Unless you’ve been walking around campus with your eyes closed, you’ll know that the Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) is hosting SFU’s big Spring Sendoff concert on April 4th.

Some students (like myself) haven’t seen concerts of this size at SFU before. So, I caught up with the project manager Brandon Chapman to get some details on what’s new to this event, if the planners faced resistance from administrators, and his take on SFU’s social life.


How will the spring sendoff be different from last fall’s Welcome Back Concert?

The noticeable difference to students is the addition to a beverage garden.  There has been some minor changes to floor plan to provide a more safe environment, as well as hiring a more experienced security company to manage our security.


What do concert goers get for their $30 or $35 ticket?

Tickets started at $20 and the maximum that students can pay will be $40. We tier the pricing to encourage students to buy early so that we can gauge exactly what we can offer our students for the price.  The larger fixed costs include security, fencing, production (stage, lighting, sound etc) and the talent, as we’re bringing in 3lau from Vegas and Vicetone from the Netherlands with the assistance of Blueprints Entertainment.

Depending on ticket sales, we are gauging how much more we can spend on production (more lights, more sound etc.) as well as giveaways on the day of for students (TBA, gotta leave you with some surprises!!)


3LAU (Born Justin Blau) is the headliner. Listen and learn more about 3LAU.


This time around there’s a beer gardens — what measures have been taken to make sure it’s still a fun and safe environment?

Safety is our number 1 concern. We want these events to be sustainable and some of the measures we’ve made include adjusting the floor plan based on recommendations from the previous security company, hiring a more experienced security company, budgeting more than recommended for security (there will be at least 25 guards in attendance at the event) as well as adhering to SFU’s strict policies set in place to remain a safe campus.


Vicetone, the 20 year old producer duo from the Netherlands are also lending their talents. Listen to Vicetone on Soundcloud.

Some people say SFU lacks the social life of other universities. Do you agree? How do you think this concert will disprove that perception?

“I recognize the need for a stronger community and this concert is a very visible attempt to break that stigma with goals of inspiring other student groups on campus to host whatever event they would like, on campus.”                       -Brandon Chapman, Project Manager    

I think many people lack involvement with the social life on campus.  I think the social life is somewhat hidden, and that is why the SFSS has done numerous events, concerts, talent shows, fundraisers, BBQs etc. to try to reach out to those students and start the conversation with them.

Coming from a student who lives in residence and from the Beedie School of Business, two areas of the university where there is definitely not a lack of social life, I personally haven’t experienced this perceived lack of social life.  However, I recognize the need for a stronger community and this concert is a very visible attempt to break that stigma with goals of inspiring other student groups on campus to host whatever event they would like, on campus.  I want to help them because we really do have an amazing school and with passionate people putting their time and energy towards improving the student life so that all students can look back at their SFU career and reminisce about the best time of their life, socially, academically and culturally.


Vancouver’s own Moiez is joining the party. Listen to his music on Soundcloud.

Did you receive any resistance to having the concert from board members or SFU professors?

There was a small number of board members that resisted having this concert, although the concerns that were brought up were regarding transparency and mitigating losses for these events. This event is projected to break even, and I am confident it will do that at least, or else it may even offset some of the Fall Kickoff losses.

All of our financials are public information, although unaudited may only be looked at in person if someone comes to the office. I very much encourage students to come to the Burnaby general office in MBC 2250, to our annual general meeting, or to just come talk to us.

I haven’t seen any negative feedback from professors, although the library has stated concerns regarding noise on the day of the event.  I’m working with them to mitigate this and am booking study spaces around campus for those students that would be studying in the library during the time of the concert- although I’d love to see them take a break and come enjoy the show.

What are your current projected ticket sales?

We have budgeted for 1300 sales, although at the current rate of ticket sales I am hoping this will be higher in order to offset some of the losses of the Fall Kickoff Concert.

Most importantly for an EDM concert…will there be glow sticks?

Haha- who knows!  The swag will be a surprise for all those that attend.  Hope to see you there Mira!


Get more info at the Spring Sendoff Facebook page

Check out the headliners 3LAUVicetoneMoiez, & FKYA

Photo Credits: http://sfss.ca/news/sfss/spring-sendoff-april-4-2014http://rocnation.com/artists/3lau/https://soundcloud.com/vicetone, http://beatsandgravy.com/tag/moiez/ 




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