December 2, 2011

10 Tips for a night out in Vancouver

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Written by: Recultured Team
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A night out on the town can be very rewarding, but to make sure you have a worry-free time it its important to take some precautions.

1. Finish your work first

Not only will your report card and bosses thank you, but you will feel liberated and have more fun when partying.

2. Wear the right clothing

You don’t want to feel too overdressed in a setting. Pubs tend to be more casual and clubs tend to be more formal; research the venue beforehand to get an understanding of what to wear. It is important to look into the club or pub you are going to because places such as Gossip and Venue enforce strict dress codes.

3. Don’t forget about hygiene

It may seem obvious but to avoid any kind of hygienic problems, double check that you have properly prepared for the night. Take a shower before you go out, even if you already took one that morning so that you are refreshed as possible for the night. Make sure you wear deodorant just in case it gets a little sweaty! You may not sweat much, but it is an easy step to take just in case!

4. Talk to promoters

Do you ever see men and women standing outside of a club with flyers? These people have the authority to get you into clubs without a cover charge and can get you ahead of lines in some cases. Be social, and get on their good side- you will be rewarded!

5. Arrive with as many women possible

Bouncers let the women in first because the men will go where the women are. If you want to get into the club faster, arrive with a large group of women to increase your chances of passing the lineup.

6. Tip the Bartender

Bartenders will recognize good tippers. Why is this important for you? The bartender will remember the tippers and make them a priority in the future.

7. Check your change

Sometimes bartenders feel that they can take advantage of drunk people and shorthand their customers when giving change back. To avoid losing money, double check the prices of drinks and the change you receive.

8. Watch your drink

It is common for drinks to be tampered with by terrible people looking to ruin the night. To make sure your drink is safe, keep a close eye on it at all times. Don’t accept drinks from strangers and if someone offers to buy you a drink, make sure to watch the drink being made.

9. Plan a meeting spot

When phones get lost or die, it is hard to find people after getting disconnected. Establishing a place to meet a few times throughout the night to check in with your friends will keep everyone on the same page. When the night is over, choose a meeting place outside of the club to make sure all your friends are accounted for before leaving.

10. Check the bus schedule in advance

Want to avoid an expensive cab ride? It is important to plan a safe ride home after a fun night. The skytrain doesn’t normally run after 1:15 am, but the Night Bus is an affordable option until 3:09 am. Check for the exact times at TransLink Night Bus.

The N6, N8, N9, N10, N15, N16, N17, N19, N20, N22, N24, N35 are the different Night Bus routes.

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