April 3, 2014

Add Some Flavour to Finals Crunch Time

In the post-midterm crunch many of us are getting into a busy schedule of papers, projects, and exam prep. Academic stress can persuade us to cut corners or cut out healthy activities like fitness, visiting family, sleep, and especially making good food choices. Below are a list of some fast, easy, and nutritious snack options for the study season. I promise these foods will help you write your term papers better than that alluring pop tart.


Natural peanut butter, apples, and raisins

photo credit: foodfitnessblog

This is my personal weakness.  The peanut butter is an appetite suppressant and raisins contain natural sugars and dietary fibre. This is a great snack for when you need to brainstorm and nibble on something. I heard lately that dried fruits aren’t too good for you, but everything is fine in moderation (although the rate at which I find myself eating this is hardly moderate). Try golden raisins from the bulk isle for something extra soft and sweet (buying in bulk is less expensive than packaged, but golden raisins are typically more expensive than the small brown raisins).

photo credit: howdoiputthisgeekily

photo credit: howdoiputthisgeekily


Trail Mix

Another quick snack you can pick up in the bulk food section! There is good variety among pre-mixed trail mixes- something for everyone. Alternatively, get a little of many ingredients (in different bags!) and combine your nuts, candies and dried fruits at home. This snack is great to grab without any prep work, just be careful not to eat the whole bag in one sitting.

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photo credit: alternativemike

Hummus, crackers, and veggies

This chickpea snack is zesty and can help you stave off cravings for potato chips and dip. Hummus is also packed with iron and Vitamin C. I’m not sure about the health value, but recently I tried Bretton’s new “pop chips” crackers and they were delicious, really light and crispy.

Feeling adventurous? Hummus comes in many interesting flavours. My favorite is red pepper hummus, available in grocery stores in Victoria. Island dwellers, check it out!


Fruit Salad

Peeling and chopping fruit is a little more time consuming than grabbing a bag of trail mix, but if you have a moment, the effort will pay off in the form of a clean conscience. What’s healthier than eating a big bowl of fresh fruit?! Use any fruit you have on hand (oranges, grapefruit, apples are always good choices) and make sure if the fruit has an edible peel (like apples) to keep it on for the full nutritional value.

Photo credit: blondiebean

Photo credit: blondiebean

If you have an extra second more (and some yogurt), throw your fruit in a blender and make a smoothie!



Admittedly, making time-consuming foods is one of the ways I procrastinate. I have been known to get the itch to make a big batch of soup or experiment with a new dessert recipe right around exam time. A friend of mine frequently “stress bakes” batches of beautifully decorated cookies. Whatever gets you through finals, and hopefully these snacks can help when you’re feeling guilty for already eating two pop tarts today.

Photo credit:  jillaroe

Photo credit: jillaroe

I received many great snack suggestions while writing this post. It was interesting to learn everyone’s favorite snacks, all of which made me hungry! Keep it up and tell me your go-to study snack in the comments!

Hungry for more? Also on recultured:  “Final Exams: What to eat and what to avoid” has some nutritious suggestions on what and what not to eat while studying.

Sleep is also important when studying, Donald Glover.

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