November 7, 2011

Facebook Fired?!

How many of you have drunk photos on Facebook?  Well let’s try a safer question, how many of you know what others will see when they Google you?

Many of you may be aware that employees are starting to check their job applicants on social media.

Not just the Facebook, many of you may be more familiar of the girl who got expelled from UCLA because of her YouTube video on “Asians in the Library.”

According to a survey done by Reppler. Among the 300 hiring professionals that they surveyed, up to 90% used the social media during the screening process. The top 3 website that they go to are Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-in.

” 7 out of 10 have rejected a candidate because of their online presence.” – Reppler

Some of the reasons were inappropriate photos and comments, content on alcohol and drug use, lying about their qualifications and bad mouthing their colleagues.

One might think that,  “why don’t I just make my accounts private or not use them at all? ” Well, going back to the survey, 7 out of 10 also hired a candidate because of their online presence.

Some of the reasons were, a display of positive personality, good communication skills, profile matching the desired qualifications.

Plus, compared to hundred of stacks of resumes many employers prefer Linked-in and hiring someone who is recommended by people they know.

Having said all these, keep in mind what you say on Facebook and Twitter, they are a public space after all, you never know who will see your comments!

For more information on the survey visit:


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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing the helpful info with us, Hsing! Social media definitely has its blessings and curses, but more of the former than the latter. =D

    • hsingyu808

      HEHE I’m glad it helped! Google yourself once a while just to make sure nothing “interesting” would pop up~

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