January 7, 2014

How to Actually Keep Your Resolutions This Year

This week, your local gym will be crawling with sudden fitness enthusiasts; a plethora of garbage bags will flood the streets of your neighborhood; homes will be showered with inspirational quotes; and books will be purchased, as well as DIY manuals. All of these quick actions and more are a result of the one and only, New Year’s. Along with an added digit to the end of 2013, comes a list of hopes and desires we aim to accomplish by the end of the new year – we often refer to them as, resolutions.

I’m not against the betterment of individuals, but I merely laugh at how many resolutions go unfulfilled. The honest problem with resolutions is how superficial they are generally made to be. I mean, come on. Exercising six days a week, although extremely healthful, is more or less ridiculous if you’re a student, a parent or the majority of the population. With any type of work, in a cubicle or in your bedroom, the time we have for just about anything is limited.

To make a resolution is one thing, but to make a lasting one, is a whole other story. Here are some tips how to really make a difference this year:

When making a resolution, make it realistic and attainable for you.

Start small.

  • Try going to the gym on the weekends at first, then if it works, then add a day every few weeks. Try making some healthy and delicious foods that you can snack on during the day. Here are a few ideas.
  • Don’t tell yourself you’ll read the entire textbook by the end of the first day. You don’t even necessarily have to be ahead of the game to be the best of the best, but you most definitely need to be on top of the ball. If you find yourself reading what you’re supposed to be, but not really understanding, then start by making your own notes.
  • I understand clean houses create clean minds, but that doesn’t mean you need to remove each and every good from your house. I personally follow this methodology.


 Keep motivated.

  • I don’t know about you, but personally, following health blogs and posting inspirational quotes around the house help me to remind myself why I’m even dieting and/or eating right in the first place. My favourite locations are right on the fridge door and on my full-body mirror.
  • If you tell yourself you’re going to keep up with your family and friends but simply are not finding the time, remember all of the good times you’ve shared with these people. A simple “how are you” text can go a long way.


 Remind yourself constantly so you don’t forget!

  • I have a countdown app on my phone that reminds me that as each day goes by, that’s one less day I have to study for the final exam!
  • You started for a reason.  You made any resolution for something. Make sure you never forget the reason why you’ve begun something.


Don’t expect results right away.

  • A few months ago, I forced myself to eat cleanly for a week. After all, they say in order to get healthy, you have to eat well. After that chocolate-free week, I saw zero results. On the eighth day, I stuffed my face with Lay’s and Ms. Vickies. It was great. But I didn’t feel so good twenty minutes later. It’s important to realize that even after an hour a day of workouts, it’s okay if you’re not sporting a six-pack. After all, after a week of chocolate on chocolate on chocolate, you didn’t really gain twenty pounds, despite how bloated you feel.
  •  If you’re a coffee pounder and wish to stop, do not expect yourself to be feeling energetic after a caffeine-free week. Learn to control your intake by cutting down slowly.


Hopefully these tips will help you on your “how can I make myself better” track. I wish you all a fabulous year of health, laughs and high GPAs.

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