March 8, 2016


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Written by: Simmi Dhaliwal
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New Year’s resolutions. We all do it or at least have tried it? Eating clean or getting that awful gym membership because it’s good for you! But really two weeks or at best three weeks into the New Year you find yourself in front of your laptop surfing Netflix and the half empty Nutella jar (maybe it’s just me?). Work catches up with you, school gets intense and then the small feeling of shame and disappointment begins to follow you. Needless to say, I find the hype behind the “New Year new me” just unrealistic.

But this year I made a real effort to find a goal and work towards it. Something realistic, something that would make me happy, I wouldn’t put off, or use school and work as a constant excuse. Because WE ALL DO IT. My goal for 2016? Simple: two hikes a month. Now this seems rather simple and small but honestly it’s been working. I realized a while back that when school gets really intense, and I’m talking about 10 hours of sleep in the middle of a bunch of midterms, endless papers, group projects. I get really blue, I get really sad because of the routine. Being indoors all the time, sitting in front of my laptop or behind my phone always checking for meetings, due dates, work schedules, networking events. It all gets to be a lot. My goal to go out to different parts of Vancouver and different parts of BC and go outdoors always appealed to me.

I call it my escape, my way of detaching and trying to take care of myself. So far Buntzen Lake, Jug Island, Quarry Rock have been conquered. Gym memberships, being healthier we all try it. I feel like the New Year shouldn’t be the only time people set a goal for themselves because one way or another life catches up with you and its okay to fall off here and there. My advice is to start small, simple, and flexible and when you can maintain that, challenge yourself! I’ll keep you all posted on my adventures




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Simmi Dhaliwal
Simmi Dhaliwal
Between working and school, Simmi loves to discover new hiking trails, go for a run along the sea wall, or seek out new ice cream joints all over Vancouver. On her downtime Simmi loves to scroll through tumblr or binge watch the latest shows on netflix.

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