May 9, 2014

«On R Radar #5: Blogging Women, Weird Lists, Snowboarding, and… Food.


We’re back with another issue of On R Radar where we share our favourite spots on the internet for the written word, word!


Lists on weird lists on bizarre lists: Listverse


Screencap via Creattica.com

Winny L“I visit this site at least once a day. They have a list of all topics ranging from evil popes to bizarre phobias. This site has introduced me to a lot of topics I had been unfamiliar with previously and have continued to search on other sites for. Highly recommended for trivia junkies or if you just need some inspiration for creative writing.”



Taking suits to surf, snow, and skate: Transworld Business

March 2011_Transworld Business_2011 Eyewear_

Image belongs to Transworld Business

Mira Havelock-Rice: “I’ve actually been looking for some blogs to follow so I think the “On R Radar” post is for people like me! The site I usually visit is Transworld Business, which offers news on the business side of snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding, and sometimes wakeboarding industries. (Pretty niche audience)”



Financial advice for women: Girls Just Wanna Have Funds


Image belongs to Girlsjustwannahavefunds

Mira: “I also recently found this blog which seems interesting & helpful! Providing financial advice targeted at women.”



The not-just-for-women women’s site for: All Women Stalk


Image belongs to AllWomenStalk

Zainah Merani: “Looking for the best comedies on TV, the quickest recipes and advice on just about anything? Look no further: AllWomenStalk. Sure, it may be primarily designed for women, but men can – and should – definitely take a look at some of these stellar posts. AWS has a series of writers who literally talk about anything and everything. For example, I recently read a post dedicated to fun facts about Portia de Rossi, while several days ago, I learned how to find out what I wanted in life. Definitely an eye-opening post. The icing on the cake, though, is how quick and easy these posts are to read! AllWomenStalk truly is fabulous.”



Mouth-watering photos of food: Vancouver Gastropost


Zainah: “I will arise from my seat for the perfect angle of the perfect steak. Don’t judge me.”



Vicariously-living through travel-blogs: A Lady in London


Image belongs to A Lady in London

Camille Crowther: “Travelling is something I want to do more of when I graduate, so this blog is great for people like me! The stories and photographs are amazing, making me feel like I’m there with her…if only I really was!”



Visit the links and let us know what you think down below!


Featured Image via Nez on Flickr

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