February 10, 2016

Everyone Wants to Leave for the Big City

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Written by: Recultured Team
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After high school, everyone goes their separate ways, with many people getting right on the road out of town. Some spend a gap year traveling, some enroll in schools across the country or in other countries, and some drive a few cities over to live the dorm life. Even now in university, students are intrigued by things like exchange, and international work or volunteering. But why is it that people want to high-tail it out of their hometowns, and go to new cities?

I think at the core, it boils down to escapism. Most people spend years and years in the same place, but after high school they have this new found freedom to explore and find out just what the rest of the world has to offer.

Dissatisfaction also tends to go hand in hand with escapism. The levels of dissatisfaction vary from case to case, but it’s there. There has to be the idea that you would rather be someplace else than where you are now.

But this is not to say that moving away is a bad thing. On the contrary, you have to quickly learn how to live independently. You need a place to live, food to eat, money to spend, and a way to pay for all of that. When you arrive in a new place, you may find yourself feeling like you truly belong… or, maybe this new place is a stepping stone to another place.

It’s important to recognize the opportunities in your own city. Especially if you’re unable to travel, don’t be discouraged! Chances are that your city offers some great things, right under your nose! It just takes a fresh perspective to see them. While your classmate in Vancouver might be gearing to move to Montreal for school, some kid in a town outside Montreal is packing up his life to head to Vancouver. Even if these young adults already live in “The Big City”, there always seems to be somewhere bigger and better calling out. Seek it, and work hard. Cities: They’re bigger on the inside! It’s can just be hard to notice while you’re in the thick of it.

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From vancouver to abroad


Alison desired to learn in a European country whose first language wasn’t English.


explore new cultures


Vancouver to Canada



eager to improve his French and was searching for ways to do it.


to invest time and energy to understand what makes up the idea of a city.


From away to abroad


Studying in a different country, immersing myself in a novel culture and meeting people from around the world are all good reasons to go abroad. As a Montreal local, I was also interested in studying away from home.




from abroad to vancouver




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