February 13, 2015

5 Things to Do on a Single Valentine’s Day


While it could be argued that many holidays are nothing but Hallmark cash grabs, I would argue that Valentine’s Day is the biggest offender. Look at it this way – if you really love someone, you should be showing it to them not only on February 14th, but every single day you’re with them (cue sappy awws). Can we also agree that an arrow-shooting cherub in a diaper is an awful mascot for a holiday? Give me the Easter Bunny any day.

One of these years, you might find yourself single on Valentine’s Day. Sure, you could take all day to mope alone while the people around you love it up and share overly affectionate and PDA-y posts on social media. Or… you could bask in the glory of knowing that you’re under absolutely no pressure to come up with romantic plans and expensive gifts. My opinion? Consider your single status a blessing in disguise. Here are some ways to take advantage of the day:

1. Think Like Leslie Knope

Turn it into Galentine’s Day (or Palentine’s Day for any male readers)! Valentine’s Day celebrates love, but is there really a rule that it has to be romantic love? Being single does not mean you are alone. Show a little appreciation for your friends today whether it’s catching up with some people you haven’t seen in a while or make like an 8 year old and send everyone a Valentine card. (Does anyone remember how to make a mailbox out of construction paper?)

2. Treat Yo Self

So you may not have someone to bring you heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, a big bouquet of flowers, or some flashy new jewelry. So what? In the spirit of Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle, treat yo self! Valentine’s Day is a holiday made for indulgence, so go ahead and book that manipedi, get your hair done, and do a little retail therapy.

Illustration by Natalie Nourigat

Illustration by Natalie Nourigat

3. Go Meet Someone

And no, swiping right does not count. While Tinder may work out for some folks, you’re not very likely to find your soulmate by staring down your phone. Take online dating offline and see if you can make any sparks fly. Match.com is holding an Anti-Valentine’s Day Party and there’s a #HeartsUnlocked speed dating event if that’s your scene. The Waldorf is also holding a Love Sux party and apparently there is a Jay Z <3 Beyonce night happening at the Electric Owl and I am devastated I am missing out on this (I also <3 Beyonce). I can guarantee that you will not be the only single person in town, so head out and have some fun!

4. Watch the Canucks Game

I just wanted to include this for self validation because yes, this is what I’ll be doing on Valentine’s Day. Celebrate Hockey Day in Canada instead! Hit up a sports bar (which are less likely to be filled with date go-ers) and cheer on your favourite team! Even if that’s not the Canucks… there are 10 different hockey games taking place on February 14th. No dice if you’re a basketball fan… the NBA All Star Weekend schedule made sure to include some time for romance.

The Canucks can be your Valentines! Image via sealcat/tumblr.

The Canucks can be your Valentines! Image via sealcat/tumblr.

5. Crank a Singles Playlist

There’s a playlist for every situation. Spotify and Songza have both got your back here. And of course, when all else fails, there’s the mother of them all…

On a day like Valentine’s Day, it can be hard not to get down when you’re surrounded by lovey dovey couples. Just remember, whether or not you have someone to share it with… all that chocolate is going to be on sale in a couple of days.

Featured photo via Max Braun/Flickr

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Dalena Nguyen
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